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This group is for people with a passion for photography, who want to share ideas, knowledge and photographs. From beginners to professionals everyone can learn and share. We have regular social meetings to talk photography, have photo walks to shoot photos and online showcases to share and learn from each other. You get exclusive deals to workshops around the area.

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Photo critique night - online

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Critique night is a safe place to show your photos and get feedback. Professional photographer Loren Fisher will lead the discussion but we want everyone to participate.

We learn by getting feedback so you can show your best or you'll learn more by showing something that didn't come out the way you thought it would and we'll help figure out what could have been done differently. We are very informal and it doesn't matter what your skill level is, we have beginners and advanced and everyone learns something! Even if you don't show photos you will get something by attending.

You don't need to upload a photo, but it will be more fun. If I get overloaded with photos, I will take my time doing each one and schedule another session.

There is a limit of three photos per person.

To participate in the critique go to

Meeting ID:[masked]
Photos should be jpeg format, at least 1920 pixels wide. Please change the filename to start with your name, ie: loren01.jpg

To upload photos go to https://lorenphotos.com/critique-night

Please upload by noon on the day of the critique. Do not upload them to this Meetup site.

Vermont Winter Wonderland Workshop

Focus - A Vermont Gallery

This is a paid workshop, before you RSVP please register at https://lorenphotos.com/mevents/vermont-winter-photography-workshop/

I think winter is the most beautiful time of year to be a photographer. I love seeing the simplicity created by a heavy blanket of snow and photographing the clean lines and the pureness of the countryside that only appears in winter.

I have spent years driving the backroads of Vermont finding great locations for winter photos and now I will share them with you. Join me for this unique photographic experience as you learn the tricks and techniques involved in capturing those special winter scenes.

Transportation during the workshop is included, we'll travel together in Loren's 12 passenger van, if Covid protocol allows. Or you can opt to drive separately to the locations.

You will learn how to get proper exposures in the snow, which is one of the hardest conditions to get the right exposure. Once you learn how to photograph on a sunny day in the snow, you’ll never have trouble getting the perfect exposure again.

We will extensively talk about using geometric lines in your photos to improve your composition. Simplifying your photos by concentrating on lines can turn ordinary images into “wow” pictures. Winter is the best time to learn to simplify and what you learn will carry over into the rest of the year.

We will be based at my art gallery in Woodstock, VT, which is one of the most beautiful towns in New England. We will photograph historic covered bridges, one of America’s most photographed farms, rural scenes and classic small town Vermont.

Just so you know, I’m not one of those people who loves freezing, I know how to dress properly and I have found locations that don’t require a great deal of time outside the van. If you get cold, you’ll always be near a warm place to take the chill off. I’ll show you how to stay warm, including your hands and how to keep your camera and lenses from freezing or fogging up from condensation when bringing them in from the cold.

You’ll get a ton of information before the workshop to help you be prepared, it won’t involve spending money on lots of new things but maybe the right gloves. I’ll help you winterize your tripod for less than $5 so it doesn’t freeze your hands.

It is mostly a shooting workshop, we’ll start inside on Friday for about an hour as we get to know each other and talk about composition and shooting in the snow. We’ll shoot for the rest of the afternoon and then we’ll do light painting on a covered bridge at dusk. Saturday we are out at sunrise and shooting all day (with breaks of course!) and then after it gets dark we get together back at the gallery for pizza. Sunday it is shooting from sunrise until noon.

Although I can’t guarantee the ground will be covered with snow, Vermont is usually snow covered at this time of year. There will be snow at nearby ski resorts and plenty of great visual things to photograph. No matter the weather, we’ll be able to work on proper exposure and making better photos by visualizing the diagonal, vertical and horizontal lines that make for stronger composition.

For more information and to register go to https://lorenphotos.com/mevents/vermont-winter-wonderland-workshop/

There will be attendees who are not members of this Meetup.

Night Skies and Light Painting in Vermont Photography Workshop

Needs a location

This is a paid workshop, please don't RSVP until you have registered at https://lorenphotos.com/mevents/night-skies-and-light-painting-in-vermont-photography-workshop-june23/

Join professional photographer Loren Fisher, as we get away from city lights and explore photographing at night, astrophotography and light painting. We’ll go to remote Vermont locations that offer tremendous views of the sky. I have mastered the technique of light painting: using flashlights to illuminate large objects in the dark. The combination of stars and light painting make for incredible images.

Even if you have never photographed at night, this is will be an exciting exploration of your capabilities, it is much easier than it seems, if you follow the proper steps.

Photos of the night sky can be pretty boring if there isn’t something in the foreground. We’ll make traditional shots with silhouettes but we’ll go beyond that and do light painting to illuminate large foreground objects. I’ll have different flashlights we will use including my big one that can light things up from more than a ¼ mile away.

I’ll show you how to find the Milky Way’s galactic center – the brightest and most colorful section.

One of the trickier things about night photography is focusing your camera, I’ll show you some great methods to make sure you are in focus. We’ll delve into long exposure noise reduction and when it should and shouldn’t be used. You’ll learn how the focal length of your lens affects how long you can leave the shutter open without seeing movement in the stars. We will photograph star trails using multiple exposures and learn how to put them together in Photoshop and the StarStax program.

If we happen to hit a cloudy night, we will still make some fun and exciting photos by doing creative light painting of Vermontish things like a covered bridge, a cemetery, a barn or a pond.

You don’t need a lot of specialized equipment for photographing the stars but you need a camera that makes clean images with ISO higher than 2000. A wide and fast lens is needed, I use a 16-35mm f/2.8 zoom on a full size sensor camera. If you are using a crop sensor, you want at least a 12mm lens or wider. F/2.8 is important, you can get away with f/3.5 but any slower and you won’t be happy with your results. If you don’t have a fast wide angle lens this might be a good time to rent one. You’ll need a sturdy tripod and a remote shutter release, I recommend a wired one. Wireless work but you better have spare batteries! An intervalometer is needed to shoot star trails. Many newer cameras have one built in, but if yours doesn’t, you’ll want to pick one up, it can also serve as your remote shutter release.

We will be based at my art gallery in Woodstock, VT, a quaint New England village named by Conde Nast Traveler as one of the most beautiful towns in America.

We won’t be doing much hiking or walking, you’ll be pretty close to the car the whole time unless you like to wander away from the group. I recommend wearing hiking boots since we will be out in fields, around ponds and in rough ground in the dark. You’ll receive more clothing suggestions after you register.

Since we will be out late, I won’t have any planned activities during the day but I’ll give you an extensive list of great sites to visit for other photo opportunities.

Local transportation is included in Loren’s 12 passenger Sprinter van. Or you can drive your own car.

Maximum number of participants: 11

June 16-18, 2023
$529 for returning clients
$559 for early registration by March 30
$599 Regular registration

For more info and to register go to https://lorenphotos.com/mevents/night-skies-and-light-painting-in-vermont-photography-workshop-june23/

There will be participants who are not members of this Meetup.

Iceland Summer Photography Workshop


This is a paid workshop, please register at https://lorenphotos.com/mevents/iceland-summer-photography-workshop-aug-2023/ before RSVPing

Join professional photographer Loren Fisher on his 11th trip to Iceland since 2018. We’ll have seven days of glorious photography as we explore the beauty of Iceland in the summer. There are many reasons why Iceland has become one of the world’s premier photography locations: the people are friendly (most speak English!), the scenery is unmatched and the locations are unique. We will explore well known and little known parts of the country, getting the most out of the long summer days. We’ll shoot as many sunsets and sunrises as we can and grab naps when we need to during the day. We will be there right at the beginning of Aurora Borealis season, so if we are lucky we’ll see the Northern Lights! We will cover a lot of territory, see lots of sites and make many memorable photos.

We will start on the Reykjanes peninsula where we’ll photograph historic sod roof houses and then head to the Snaefellsjokull Peninsula for a special waterfalls and mountain scene, rock formations, black stone beach, rock bridge, a black church and quaint villages. Next are more spectacular waterfalls, Europe’s largest glacier up close, black sand beaches reaching out to haunting sea stacks, glacial lagoons and the amazing diamond beach where chucks of ice float up on the black sand making for amazing compositions. Even if you aren’t a wildlife photographer you’ll have fun shooting puffins, those crazily cute birds that have a permanent sad face. You won’t need more than a 300mm lens to get great shots. Sunrise and sunset on black beaches make for special photos. We’ll see so many spectacular things that even the worst photographer ever would make great photos!

There is a limit of six participants so you won’t be crowded as we drive or shoot. We will be in a large passenger van, we’ll have plenty of space for you and your equipment.

Who should attend
If you want to see the beauty and splendor of one of the world’s most spectacular places, this trip is for you – your photographic experience doesn’t matter. Loren will be working with you to help you improve your photography, no matter your level. If you need it, Loren will help with mastering your camera settings, using the proper lens, composition and how to capture what you are seeing with your camera. Most of our shooting locations will near our van, some walking up to 1/2 mile will be required, including wandering on sand beaches and up to glaciers. There won’t be long, strenuous hiking but you could be walking over rough and narrow paths. One waterfall requires hiking about 1/2 mile but great shots can be made on the way if you don’t want to walk that far.

What’s included:
• Professional photography instruction
• Transportation in a spacious van offering ample room for you and your photography gear
• Single occupancy in some of Iceland’s nicest hotels. All rooms have private bathrooms
• Breakfast each day
• Loren’s Guide to Iceland detailing what to bring and what to expect

Not included:
• Flight to Iceland
• Meals, other than breakfast

August 12-18, 2023
Many people opt to arrive a day early to adjust to the four hour time difference and overnight flight.

Registration is $4800. Previous clients: $4300. Registration fee includes professional photography instruction, Loren’s Guide to Iceland, lodging (single occupancy), ground transportation and breakfast. There is a discount of $400 per person for couples sharing a room. Registration does not include airfare to Iceland, other meals, alcohol, snacks and beverages. Rates are net, per person, in U.S. dollars.

Maximum group size: 6

Photo Equipment
You’ll want to have a wide angle, telephoto and possibly a macro lens. Make sure you have lots of memory cards, spare batteries and charger and maybe a polarizer filter and neutral density filter. You’ll need a sturdy tripod, don’t skimp here either on quality or size. I suggest staying away from light “travel tripods” since we are going be shooting things you probably won’t see again in your lifetime and getting a fuzzy photo because of shaky tripod would be criminal. I also suggest bringing a laptop to download your photos and a way to have a backup, either on the original cards or an external hard drive. If you aren’t absolutely sure of everything that your camera does, bring your instruction manual so I can help you fix any problems.

If a workshop is cancelled, you will receive a full refund of any money paid. If I need to cancel the workshop, I will not be held responsible for your other expenses, such as airline ticket, that may be associated with the canceled workshop. I suggest you purchase trip insurance to be safe.

There will be participants who are not members of this Meetup.

For more info, including a full itinerary, go to https://lorenphotos.com/mevents/iceland-summer-photography-workshop-aug-2023/

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