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What we’re about

The Nation’s Premier Social Club for Survivors Of Narc Abuse❕❕
Membership Now Open 🖥

🌟 What If We Said…
🌟 There’s a community of people who eat, chat 💬 & grow together as survivors of narcissistic abuse.
🌟 Join Us on Meetup , Zoom & Facebook
🌟 Monthly chats that answer your questions about your experience as a survivor
🌟 Community to support you and listen to your thoughts 💭
🌟Delicious food, business and wellness opportunities from certified professionals geared to your healing
🌟 Join President Jaime A. Jacobs
🌟 Co President & Brand Ambassador Justine Carter
🌟 and hundreds of survivors and counting as we celebrate your oath to healing
🌟Thank you Chaute Thompson for being a sponsor and helping us feed the community

Those currently dealing with a narcissist relationship of any kind have found a family, here.

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