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What we’re about


We’re a group of metro Phoenix-area musicians and lyricists interested in songwriting and recording. We range from complete beginners to accomplished pros with dozens of songs. Some of us aren’t sure what the term, “Digital Audio Workstation” means. Others own well-equipped project studios. Regardless, we have one thing in common: a passion for creating and recording original music and for sharing this enthusiasm with our peers.

Please make sure your meetup site profile includes your name (your first name and the first initial of your last name are fine) and your photo. We also ask you to answer some basic questions about your reasons for wanting to join us. One word answers are not acceptable. Please provide some details too. We just think that’s the friendly thing to do when meeting new people. Everyone who does will be invited to join.

When and Where We Meet

We generally meet once a month. Some of these are social events; typically a lunch at a local restaurant where we get acquainted over a couple of beers. But most consist of formal presentations on a variety of songwriting and recording topics by members and special guests. At every meetup, members are invited to share their latest recordings.

You’ll be able to see our meetup scheduling details and agendas on our meetup site once you become a member. You’ll also get access to loads of useful information, discussion forums and details on how to access the dropbox we use for collaborating on songwriting projects. And you’ll be able to suggest additional meetups (just contact one of our organizers for details).

BTW: You can attend all of our social events for free (we just ask you to buy something when we meet at a restaurant). But we do charge $5 per person for our informational meetups. The fee offsets our costs for maintaining the meetup site, for purchasing equipment, etc. We are NOT a money-making group or business. 

Our Attendance Policy 

We understand that members may not always be able to attend one of our meetups as planned.  But space is sometimes limited. So, if your plans change, please change your RSVP from "Yes" to No" so someone can attend in your place. If you're a repeat no-show, you'll be removed from the group. Fair is fair. 

You Can Organize a Meetup Too - We'll Help and Support You

The organizers live in South and East valley so we meet at a location that works for us. But we're happy to meet at other locations too. If you  have a place to meet and a topic you'd like to present, we'll help with hosting and logistics and we'll attend too. A free meeting room is  best and often available at local libraries, community clubhouses etc. If the room costs, you'll need to guarantee that the attendance fee covers the costs though. Contact one of the organizers for more information and scheduling help. 

We Need You to Get Involved by Sharing Your Experiences with Other Members 

Our meetup is only successful to the extent members get involved.  You don't have to be some kind of genius or expert to present something. Stand up and show the group what type of software/tools you're using for recording. Discuss your approach to songwriting. Maybe you read something interesting about the music industry. Really any topic relevant to songwriting or recording is fine. Maybe you know an expert on some relevant topic who'd be willing to speak to our group. Your organizers are here to help and support you with any or all of the above.   

OK, that’s the pitch! If you’re ready to get involved, join us today!

Best regards,

Mike, Georgia & Eric