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What we’re about

Sonoma County Outdoors is an adult group for Hiking, Walking, and Social Activities.

    Want to hike or walk for fitness and fun?

    Would regularly meeting with a committed group of like minded people help keep you accountable to exercise?

    Just want to get out of the house and have some fun?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then take a look at Sonoma County Outdoors!

There are a lot of great hiking Meetup groups out there and some of us belong to multiple groups. This group is intended to supplement those groups for shorter weekday hikes, and longer local hikes that are a little closer to home in Sonoma County and surrounding areas. 

What's it all about?

WEDNESDAY NIGHT WALK (4 miles after work): An 80 minute brisk walk in Downtown Petaluma to get a few miles in before the weekend hike. This urban walk is a little slower pace than our Tuesday Night Fitness Hike, but a good bit of exercise nonetheless. You'll feel it the next day. For a cardio workout, see our Tuesday Night Fitness Hike.

TUESDAY NIGHT FITNESS NIGHT HIKE (5 miles after work): A FAST 80 minute Fitness Hike in Downtown Petaluma to get a few miles in before the weekend hike. This is a cardio hike that is sure to get your blood moving. We move fast and generally don't wait for slower members in the hike. If you're having trouble keeping up with the pace of the Fitness Hike, please instead join us on the Wednesday Night Walk.

WEEKEND HIKES, 6-12 miles: Weekend hikes are usually within an hour drive of central Sonoma County. The hikes are anywhere from Easy/Moderate to Moderate to Moderately/Strenuous, and on rare occasions, Strenuous. We usually pack a light lunch and stop to eat about half way thru the hike. We might even stop in for a quick social gathering after the hike to wet our whistle, or to grab something a little more substantial to eat. We hike at a brisk pace, this is not a stroll or sightseeing adventure - it's a hike.

THE PACE, WEDNESDAY NIGHT WALKS: The Wednesday Night Walks are a brisk pace. We do 4 miles in the same time as we do 5 on the Tuesday Night Fitness Hike. We do about 2-1/2 mph (23-24 minute miles). Tjis is the place to start if you are new to the group.

THE PACE, TUESDAY NIGHT FITNESS: The Tuesday Night Hikes are a cardio workout. Not quite power walking, but we do go about 3-1/2 mph (16-18 minute miles). If you are new to the group, I strongly recommend you try the Wednesday Night Walk before attempting the Tuesday Night Fitness Hike.

THE PACE, WEEKEND HIKES: Weekend hikes are about the same brisk pace as the Wednesday Night Walks. We're not strolling by any means, and we are usually covering a lot of ground without a lot of stopping.

SOCIAL MEETUPS: We occasionally organize Social Events to get out of the house and enjoy ourselves. These might be a show, a meetup for dinner, wine tasting, a Crawl, etc... Bring your spouse, friends and significant others to these fun events. Note: Most of these are adult oriented events and are not appropriate for children, unless it specifically says so. If you have any doubt, please ask.

WHAT DOES IT COST? Nothing to you. Meetup charges a monthly fee for hosting this group. We pay that for you. If you'd like to contribute something to offset those costs, we take contributions in the form of Red Wine!

GROUP GUIDELINES: (To participate in hikes you must agree to the following)

1. Apply to join the group. you will be notified of events when you join and be able to see the location where events are being held.

2. When applying, please use a profile picture that shows your face. Our hike leaders pride themselves on not losing anyone and knowing who you are is important.

3. Events start on time. Please be on time. We won't wait for you, so please don't ask.

4. Introduce yourself and check-in with the event organizer when you arrive at the event.

5. Don't sign up for an event that you are not committed to attend. No-shows might be dropped from the group after 2 no-shows.

6. Be fun! Meanies and disruptors will be banned.

7. Be kind in your review and opinion of us. We do this for the fun and love of hiking, and want to share it with others.

DOGS: Well behaved dogs on-leash are allowed on Weeknight Hikes and Weeknight Walks, but only at the hike leaders discretion. If your dog is aggressive or disruptive, the hike leader might ask you to leave the hike. Please come back next week without the dog. Most dogs are welcome though.

Dogs are not allowed on Weekend Hikes. The trails are often narrow, and the hikes are very crowded. Plus, more than half the places we hike don't allow dogs on trails. Please don't ask to bring your dog on a weekend hike. They will not be allowed to participate.

INVITE YOUR FRIENDS: Invite your friends and sign up today to receive your invitation to our next event!


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