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FREE! Sat Pickup Soccer at Washington HS - Turf (11am-1pm)
We're hosting another FREE pickup today to introduce more players to the spectacular turf at Washington HS! This pickup is limited to 24 players since we will run one pickup game, rotating up to 3 teams. Check-in starts at 10:45am, game starts at 11am. Washington HS has turf fields, stadium lighting, and free parking. RSVP to reserve your free spot, but only if you're 99% sure you can attend. If something unexpected comes up, please respect our players and club by changing your RSVP to "No". When you arrive at the field, check in with the site manager wearing a red SOPFC polo shirt to receive your pinnie. WANT TO PLAY LEAGUE SOCCER? Sign up for one of our upcoming leagues: Individual signups will be placed on a new or existing team, guaranteed! During registration you can invite friends to play on the same team, and every Individual signup receives a FREE pickup session credit. Leagues include trained referees, online standings & schedules, 25-minute halves, corner kicks, throw-ins, and more. "NO RAINOUT" WEATHER POLICY We play in rainy or wet conditions! So if you've seen some rain and are wondering if pickup or leagues are still on, the answer is YES! Very rarely will there ever be a cancellation due to weather; if there is lightning or a torrential downpour, we may delay play until it subsides. The artificial grass turf plays a little faster when it's wet, but that's about all. We will make every effort to give at least two hours notice via Meetup if we need to cancel for any reason.

Booker T. Washington High School

1002 Beckwith St SW · Atlanta, GA


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We are pickup soccer enthusiasts who meet at Intown Atlanta fields to play organized pickup soccer games every day. More league and pickup info at

The Atlanta Sons of Pitches FC Meetup is used primarily to organize our pickup soccer sessions, which are often split into simultaneous games when space is available. We reserve turf and grass fields specifically for pickup soccer, provide clean pinnies to distinguish teams, and have organizers on hand to keep things fun and friendly for both novice and competitive players! All we ask from you is to honor your RSVP commitments, and to bring a positive attitude and small fee per session to cover the costs of fields, lights, organizers, and laundry.

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SOPFC also offers Intown Atlanta 7v7 soccer leagues six days a week, Saturday-Thursday. You can sign up to play as an Individual or with a friend and we'll place you on a new or existing team guaranteed. Or get your friends together and register your own team.

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Our pickup games are a great way to get to know our club better. Whether you're a pro, or someone who hasn't touched the ball in decades, we welcome you to participate.

The rules below are a way of ensuring our pickup games stay fun and friendly for everyone.


Each pitch has a 6' x 12' goal, although limited RSVP games may use smaller goals.


• The first rule of Sons of Pitches FC is, YOU TALK ABOUT SONS OF PITCHES FC! Tell a friend to join our Meetup and play too.

• No running or warming up on the track.

• Positive attitudes only.

• Call your own fouls, and no one else’s. No proxy wars; that's how world wars start.

• If someone calls a foul, you must respect the call.

• Kick-in from the sides instead of throw-ins.

• No slide tackling.

• No corner kicks.

• Last player back (or a designated keeper) may use their hands in front of the goal, if the goal is at least 6' x 12' size.


Limited RSVP sessions usually consist of one pitch and three teams, with one team rotating off every 10 minutes.

Pickup sessions utilizing all three pitches will rotate evenly based on how many teams are waiting to play. At maximum session capacity, each field will only rotate up to three teams max (one team rotates off every 10 minutes), so players will play 20 minutes at a time, then wait 10 minutes, etc.

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