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What we’re about

Soul Collage is both contemplative and fun. It is an enjoyable creative activity that doesn't require any artistic ability - anyone can make Soul Collage cards.

It give us a specific process for creating collage using only images, no words, and a consistent card format (approx. 4” x 6”). Over time, you create a deck of personal cards.

Using only images allows us to move from our left, analytic brains into our intuitive, creative right brains. This makes Soul Collage a powerful way to connect with our intuitive, creative selves. Doing this can help reveal a direction or theme in our lives and/or help us find unexpected and surprising answers to questions or problems we're grappling with.

Soul Collage also provides a specific method for unlocking the wisdom of your creative, intuitive self using the cards you create. It can take the form of journaling or be shared with others in dyads or triads. It is a way of being in dialog with and unlocking the meaning of the card as a whole or with individual images within the card.

Soul Collage is based on the ability of our intuition to find and choose images that reflect important aspects of our lives that our conscious minds may not be aware of. The cards are bit like dreams – we may not understand their meaning at first. The Soul Collage method helps us understand what an image or card may be conveying to us.

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