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What we’re about

This is a group for women that need a place to slow down and process the things going on in their lives - for women that are ready to learn, grow, and transform the way they experience their lives.

Because for so many of us life comes at us so fast and we don't have a lot of time to process, to make good conscious decisions from a place of awareness, authenticity, and love - instead too often we come from a place of reaction, a place of doing what is expected of us, or what is in the best interest of others forgetting that we matter too, and then wonder why we wake up one day going "How did I get here?"

But if you are ready to change that, if you are ready to look directly at how your inner world affects your actions, your relationships, your health, your work, and your overall happiness and joy, and if you are ready to reclaim your personal power, to be vulnerable and gain valuable life-changing insights, and to learn how to navigate the twists and turns of life while staying true to who you want to be then WELCOME!!!

This group is exactly what you have been looking for!

In this group, I will host sacred circles for women who want to:
*Show up with more love, and less ego, more confidence and less doubt, more vulnerability and less shame, more wholeness and less fear.
*learn how to connect with their own inner awareness that allows them to transform how they are experiencing their lives.
*learn how to set healthy boundaries and regain their personal authority.
*Learn how to have authentic honest communication that limits the feeling of being misunderstood and disappointed.
And so much more all while meeting new people, being supported by others who are on the same journey and having fun!

I can't wait to connect with you!

This meetup is hosted by Meg Heppner

Meg is a Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Somatic Practitioner, Women’s Circle Facilitator and the host of The Art If Being H(YOU)man podcast. She is passionate about walking with people who want more out of life than just the status quo!

She believes that life doesn’t have to work out exactly the way we think it “should” in order to be enjoyed and that people don’t have to be perfect in order to be loved.

She believes that we all have the voice of truth inside of us but sometimes it can be hard to hear.

And most importantly that we must live between the tension of accepting the things we cannot change and taking massive action on the things we can!

Meg creates spaces where women can slow down and process all the things that are influencing and controlling their lives - their everyday thoughts, emotions, and the stories they have been telling themselves.
Spaces where they can look at their inner world, gain valuable insight and then reclaim their personal authority, and make conscious decisions that transform the way they experience their lives!

Through one on one coaching and sacred feminine circles, Meg helps women show up in the world with more love, and less ego, more compassion, and less judgment, more vulnerability, and less shame, more emotional agility and less fear!

Meg lives in BC with her husband of 22 years, two teenage boys and their little dog Charlie.

To learn more about Meg and her business, visit her website ​

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