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What we’re about

This meditation of ancient Tibetan origin initiates us to our healing dragon guides. Together we explore our own energy anatomy, alignment and mastery of our own perception of reality. The guided meditation is easily accessible for both beginning and advanced meditators.

Your own body and its many non-physical bodies are explored as a tool for spiritual growth, healing self and others, a gateway to etheric travel and a way to remain balanced and centered while your awareness of being in communion with other layers of existence increases.

We mediate for 1 hr. Each month we will dive into another aspect of our magic nature! If you'd like to be part of awakening your inner Khaleesi, you're invited!

Liberate Emporium Hollywood

6367 Selma Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90028


Cost: $11

Jeroen de Wit

Past Life Regression QHHT * Meditation * Energy Healing