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What we’re about

Everyday reiki Discover opportunities Enlightenment ,individual ascension and over all Higher self awareness.
People find me for many personal issues, as a supplement to their existing medical, psychological, or quality of life support in:
stress relief,
fever/low energy,
digestive issues ,
chronic depression,
anxiety ,
reproductive issues ,
general energy balancing ,
low back pain ,
Localized body pain ,
relationship stress ,
procrastination ,
home energy balancing ,
bone disease ,
prostate issues ,
cancer ,

My students, as well as clients with advanced experience in reiki work with reiki for reiki attunement (reiju), chakra balancing, kundalini reiki, spiritual counsel , intuitive solutions and problem solving as well as other techniques.
As with any treatment including far more expensive treatments in medical hospitals, results vary.

This group invites you who want life to improve, or make more sense of life, or Lear how to help others it's all in store in our meetup work shops. Healthy snacks provided

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