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Meet other South Florida business women, freelancers, and solo-preneurs committed to SUCCESS + not letting the "recession" rain on their parade! WIN facilitates a variety of business events designed to help cultivate relationships while building our businesses through word of mouth referrals.

Some of our business training events have had keynote speakers including the President of Cinnabon, Kat Cole!

Who should join? Professional women who mean -business- including small business owners, a sales executive, someone considering starting their own business, whether it be a primary business or side business, medium-large size company execs, CEOs, WAHM (work at home moms') and MORE, you are and will be very welcomed into WIN.

How WIN came to be... Between 2002-2004, I quadupled the market share of my 1st business, a carpet cleaning co. (soooo sexy ;) ) in one of the most competitive US markets, Atlanta, via face-to-face networking, strategic relationships + low-cost networking.

In early 07, I got sick of being hit on by older men + found I wanted more education, camaraderie + value from the organizations I was in + less "Schmoozing."

In March of 07, I founded Women Intelligently Networking (WIN) as I was frustrated with wasting time at events + wanted to use it "intelligently." Also, networking means the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business. Who doesn't want THAT?

WIN has hosted biweekly events + has an established record for high-caliber networking, speakers, tele-seminars, workshops + social events since then. We're passionate about providing a supportive community for small business owners, freelancers + professional women; let's be honest, it's nice to have a support network that's productive at the same time.

I'm a Miami native + am in South Florida every other week so WIN is expanding here...

Historically, our lunches w/ keynotes avg 30-40, our social events avg 100-150 + our workshops full of like-minded people who want more than just.... schmoozing.

In the upcoming weeks, WIN'll be providing various optional membership offerings to add even more value, including free teleseminars, however, they're not yet available as we're working on our schedule. We use Meetup to keep our community informed about events so RSVPs are CRUCIAL.

WIN is NOT the appropriate group if... your sole goal is to recruit members for MLM companies or "build teams of people looking for extra income." If this is mentioned in your request to join, via communications to the group or during our events, your membership will be revoked.

(Please let it be noted that this organization's name is federally trademarked. I share this because there have been people recently who have decided to "borrow" it so now, I am forced to share this disclaimer.... Ah, the times we live in! :) )

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Social Media for small business owners, home based businesses + even job seekers

I want to hear from YOU! Many of you fabulous ladies have been emailing asking if I could provide some social media training so let's do it! I'm a recognized social media trainer and speaker and this is my passion so I can't wait! Know that this isn't going to be a boring introductory series but rather an engaging, information packed training session on each topic ensuring that each person who attends will leave with marketing ideas, advanced tips and enthusiastic to start applying these various marketing tactics to your strategy. PLEASE RSVP if you are interested in this, what topics specifically you are interested in AND if there are additional topics you'd like to have covered. Details: Each topic will get it's own 2 hour training session. Location: TBD based on group size Curriculum - not necessarily in this order - LinkedIn Facebook Basic Twitter Advanced Twitter Blogging $30 per person per 2 hour session - minimum of 8 people per session. This is NOT final but I am trying to gauge group interest before working out additional details...

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Luna Salon Suites in the Lantana Square Plaza

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