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The South West Ruby group is aimed at developers who are using, or are interested in learning more about Ruby and its wider ecosystem.

We want to encourage all Rubyists and Railers to join us for drinks, snacks and conversation at the Cookpad office in Bristol, UK. We'll feature presentations and coding/hacking sessions/quizzes as often as possible with the aim to really build on the great Ruby community in the South West.

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South West Ruby #14


Join us at Cookpad HQ in Bristol, this month for two great talks. Expect another Ruby packed evening with great conversations, beers and bites to eat. Schedule 18:30 - 19:00 - Arrive, grab a drink, some delicious locally supplied food and have a chat with fellow attendees. 19:00-20:00 Talks Dave Evans (FreeAgent) - TBD Dave Evans currently leads the FreeAgent Analytics team with a focus on customer research and experimentation, data products to improve business decision making and customer experience, and the democratisation of data within the business. Before joining FreeAgent in Edinburgh, Dave worked at the University of California, San Diego and CERN. Christian Bruckmayer (Cookpad) - Performance monitoring your Rails app with InfluxDB Follow Christian on his journey how he used InfluxDB, an open source time series database, to spot and fix performance bottlenecks in his Rails applications. Christian Bruckmayer from Nuremberg, Germany, is one of the newest additions to the Cookpad team. He just recently migrated from the region of castles and mountains to the south west of England. Since 2014 he is an avid open source contributor hacking for instance on JRuby or openSUSE Linux. If he's not hacking Ruby, he's out doing what 'young' people do: travelling the world ✈️, skiing in the alps ⛷ or going to concerts of his favourite bands 🎸 Slack If you like to join us on Slack please join https://bathruby-for-slackers.herokuapp.com and find us in the #south-west-ruby channel

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South West Ruby #13 : Happy Birthday SWR!

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