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South Asians Grand Masti Group caters to individuals of South Asian (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Afghanistan, Guyana, Trinidad and East Africa) descent who want to form new friendships.

If you are NOT of South Asian descent but like the South Asian culture, we would still like you to join our group.

Grand Masti group is for everybody (18+ with no upper age limit), including singles, never married, married, divorced, separated, widows, widowers, etc. Any adult, above the age of majority can join this group. Our events are held in and around the GTA and beyond - and are not limited to Toronto or Torontonians. Any member can post or suggest events.

Our members speak various languages: English, French, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Tamil, Sinhalese, Kannada, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, Swahili to name a few.

Our events include: Dance parties, mix and mingles, bowling, wine tours/tasting, jazz nights, Bollywood and English movie nights, boat cruises, karaoke, outdoor Summer and Winter snow activities, professional networking meets, potluck, casual dining, coffee meets, group cooking and speed dating to name a few! We encourage all members to post or suggest events and take leads or assist in organizing events.

You have nothing to lose and new friends to gain.

We look forward to seeing you at our next social gathering.

Next Event: You must join the group to view all upcoming and past events.


1. Zero Tolerance on Harassment

As you know, this meetup group is a social/support group, not a dating club, the idea of this group is to provide a comfortable, non judgmental, positive, fun-filled and supportive environment, to forge deep and rich connections, and to enhance lives in the process. We expect all members to respect and foster that.

Though it is not a dating club but members do grow closer to other members during the meetups, meet others that have similar interests, and platonic friendships do form, emotional attachments do evolve, and even healthy relationships (as unintended outcomes) do develop, which is perfectly fine and natural. Members assume any risks without any liability on the meetup organizers or event hosts.

This is a reminder to all group members regarding sexual harassment or any kind of harassment, unwanted propositions and any sort of retaliation toward any member of this group, female or male. All members of this group are expected to promptly honour any request from another member with regards to making contact via personal messages, phone calls or in person meetings, in a mature, responsible and graceful manner and act accordingly.

Sexual harassment includes unwanted sexual advances, unwanted requests for sexual favours and other unwanted verbal, physical or written conduct. It can also include comments, conduct or display of materials that create a “poisoned” or “unwelcoming” environment where the person(s) feels psychologically or emotionally harmed, offended or intimidated on the basis of his or her sex.

What is harassment? Harassment involves in any unwanted physical or verbal behaviour that offends another person. This group does not allow any forms of harassment in this group at any of our events or otherwise. Such forms could include but not limited: in-person, telephone, text messaging, emailing, instant messaging including Meetup messaging, and the list continues.

Any members using Meetup messaging, instant messaging, text messaging, emailing, etc. to message other non-organizer members they have NEVER met before, taking pictures of other members WITHOUT consent, making sexually inappropriate comments, creeping out, following around other member(s) he/she has met for the first time or does not know and members contacting other members repeatedly despite a clear refusal is harassment.

Fail to adhere to this policy will result in removal from group.

This group highly encourages members to report to any organizers from our Leadership Team. This Meetup group is a social/support group, but we take every members' safety seriously.

2. Carpooling

We do support and encourage carpooling while attending the meetup events, as per the convenience of the driver and passengers and suggest sharing at least the cost of fuel/parking/tolls. However, the organizers of this meetup do not hold any responsibility or liability for driver or passenger safety with regards to carpooling choices and decisions.

3. Other Legalities

Under any circumstance, this meetup group, the organizers or event hosts are not responsible for any loss or damages resulting from attending any of our events. As a member of this group, you agree that you and your guest(s) will take full responsibility on your own personal safety and would never put yourself or others in danger.

Anyone who disagrees with the group's terms and policies should not join the group or leave the group.

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