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What we’re about

This group has many types of activities: Boardgames, Karaoke, Hikes, Dance, Theatre Outings, Sport Events, Metaphysical (Meditation, Tantric Learning, Reiki, Massage, etc.), Poker, Sharing Cooking & Baking, Movie Night, Improv Night, and Anything else you suggest.

Really! Suggest something!

And when it comes to Board Games...I am often asked "What kind of Games do you play?"
A pretty accurate answer to "What kind of board games do we play" is:
"Euro-Strategy games, as found on"

That is not necessarily the most helpful answer, tho.  The actual range of games vary from super-simple (learn in 5 minutes, play in 10 minutes) to very involved (learn in 45 minutes, play in 4 hours, takes a dozen games before you really "get it")...So, chances are if you think to yourself "I like playing board games"'ll probably find someone here who likes what you like :-)

***Check our Calendar!***

There's so many events per month, it's the only way to know what's coming up! We're all busy professionals, normal people, who want to make the most of our time away from work. We want to do more with our evenings than just sip a drink and check out the cuties in a bar. We want to take a break from trying to hook-up and just have fun together. Since we're not focused on trying to hook-up, single people and coupled people and even N-tupled people can freely join in and we'll all enjoy greater fun.

Many Events are in private home venues, for a very relaxed and comfortable interaction. These events include food, drink, and always interesting people.

If you have an interesting event you'd like to run or host, please contact me (Paul++) and we'll find a way for you to run an event.

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