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This group has many types of activities: Boardgames, Karaoke, Hikes, Dance, Theatre Outings, Sport Events, Metaphysical (Meditation, Tantric Learning, Reiki, Massage, etc.), Poker, Sharing Cooking & Baking, Movie Night, Improv Night, and Anything else you suggest.

Really! Suggest something!

And when it comes to Board Games...I am often asked "What kind of Games do you play?"
A pretty accurate answer to "What kind of board games do we play" is:
"Euro-Strategy games, as found on BoardGamesGeek.com."

That is not necessarily the most helpful answer, tho. The actual range of games vary from super-simple (learn in 5 minutes, play in 10 minutes) to very involved (learn in 45 minutes, play in 4 hours, takes a dozen games before you really "get it")...So, chances are if you think to yourself "I like playing board games"...you'll probably find someone here who likes what you like :-)

***Check our Calendar!***

There's so many events per month, it's the only way to know what's coming up! We're all busy professionals, normal people, who want to make the most of our time away from work. We want to do more with our evenings than just sip a drink and check out the cuties in a bar. We want to take a break from trying to hook-up and just have fun together. Since we're not focused on trying to hook-up, single people and coupled people and even N-tupled people can freely join in and we'll all enjoy greater fun.

Many Events are in private home venues, for a very relaxed and comfortable interaction. These events include food, drink, and always interesting people.

If you have an interesting event you'd like to run or host, please contact me (Paul++) and we'll find a way for you to run an event.

Upcoming events (4+)

Madeline’s 7th Annual 🎃 Halloween 🎃 Boardgame Party!!

Location visible to members

Vaccination required. Cards will be checked.

and another 2 for 1 Time Exchange. Please help.

Joy's Home

I need to move boxes and bags of games, glasses, sewing stuff, and my furniture from an upstairs bedroom downstairs so that the carpet can be installed. If you will help me move my bags, boxes, and furniture, I will work twice as long for you: house cleaning, car wash, clothes-on massage, or yard work.
Please let me know what time you want to arrive. This will help me plan and to know that you are serious.
Joy Wright[masked] land line[masked] cell phone

Potluck & Board Games

Joy's Home

Let's have some fun!!

5:00 PM Join our Vegan (you can skip the meat for one meal!) Potluck. If you don't know what to bring, bring fruit or a salad or just call me for suggestions (no eggs, dairy, mayonnaise, gelatin, or meat). Raw fruits and veggies are great! If you want to share your snack with the hostess, keep in mind that I have several food allergies (Wheat, cinnamon, green bell peppers, water cress, parsley, and chocolate) that might prevent me from tasting your tasty treats. I usually supply gluten-free spaghetti.

6:00 PM Let's play! We usually play games like "Ticket to Ride," "Splendor," "Transamerica," "Rack-O," "Cable Car," "6 Cubes," "Take a Chance," "Blokus," and games brought by you and others. Please bring your favorite game to share with us.


5:00 PM - Potluck
6:00 or 6:30 PM - board games
10:00 PM - Time to go home unless we are having too much fun!

I post this event with three meetup groups, so I usually get five to ten people attending.

(408)[masked]. If you are reading this after noon, call to let me know that you want to come and what time you think you will arrive.

My place is across the street from an empty lot.

Learn to Heal from the Pain of Past Relationships

Joy's Home

I will help you to heal your heart by guiding you to let go of the pain of past relationships, by guiding you to accept what is, and by helping you to become emotionally stronger.

I will help you to perceive life differently so that you can avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. I will guide you to let go of all the barriers to success in all areas of your life.

I hold the class no matter how few students attend. You might get a private session if no one else shows up. No fee at this time.

If Tuesday nights are difficult, you could suggest a time and date and if I am available, I will post an extra Meetup event. I am retired so I could hold the class almost anytime. If you feel that you need a private session, please suggest a time and date and if I am available, I will give you a private session at no charge.

My place is across the street from an empty lot. Your GPS will say that I live in the empty lot. As soon as you turn onto Brigadoon Way, look for a place to park because you are in front of my home. Look for the "Meetup" signs on my doorand my car.

I have been researching what causes stress and what to do about it for over thirty years. I wrote a book and began selling it in 1992. I edited it and reprinted it three times. I have been teaching Stress reduction classes for about ten years. One of my students suggested that since I had helped him recover from a difficult breakup, I should have classes specifically for that. I have helped many people with both stress and relationship issues over the years. I hope that you will join us soon.

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