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What we’re about

This group is for those interested in making more connections to collaborate with or even just learning more about the game development industry. Whether you're experienced or inexperienced, everyone is welcome, we want to encourage collaboration between members and all game developers in the south bay area. This group is for developers, artists, modelers, animators, musicians, writers and anyone else interested in game development.

Find us and other Bay Area devs, events & resources at ! The mission of Bay Area Games is to help game developers in the Bay Area connect, learn & self promote. The site is intended to be developed by the community itself, and the more voices we have the more valuable the site will become for everyone, so we encourage you to contribute

We have a collaboration worksheet!
If you are looking for project to work on or are looking for collaborators for your game, you can find it here:

We are loosely affiliated with this Discord server!
If you feel like chatting *right now* instead of waiting for the next meetup, find some of us here:

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