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This meetup is for anyone interested in designing an impactful experience to meet user needs and business objectives, whether you’re designing a mobile app, shaping a net new AI experience, or simply enjoy meeting people.

Share your ideas, or volunteer to speak
We’re open to suggestions for topics, workshops, and conversations, from accessibility best practices to advanced topics, such as how to position UX as part of the business strategy at your org.

Keep in touch (https://www.meetup.com/southbayux/discussions/6214843975204864/chat/)

• Meetup https://www.meetup.com/southbayux

• Slack channel (all caps) http://bit.ly/UXSOUTHBAY

• Volunteer sign-up (all lowercase) http://bit.ly/volunteersbux

• Comments or questions? Post to Meetup, or contact us at sbuxorg@gmail.com

Past events (35)

[Livestream] Building excellent products through the x-fnl design of trust

This event has passed

[Livestream] Make Your Content Findable with Marko Dugonjić of SymSoft

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[Livestream] Measure & Improve UX Content with author Torrey Podmajersky

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[Livestream] Designing for the 10-Foot Experience with Kristen Kator

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