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This meetup is for anyone interested in designing an impactful experience to meet user needs and business objectives, whether you’re designing a mobile app, shaping a net new AI experience, or simply enjoy meeting people.

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We’re open to suggestions for topics, workshops, and conversations, from accessibility best practices to advanced topics, such as how to position UX as part of the business strategy at your org.

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[Livestream] Career: Throw away your 5-year plan with Abi Jones, UX Manager

5-year-career plans are supposed to help you and your manager set out a path toward your goal. But most 5-year-plans set you up to fail, either by assuming opportunities that don’t exist, ignoring the gaps between your current and future self, or moving you into a space without a future. Instead of making a 5-year-plan, plan for what’s next. Plan to be open to new experiences, to create opportunities for yourself, and to be ready for a future that hasn’t been invented. Together we’ll prepare you for that future with a career canvas - a method for reflecting on your current skills, identifying your motivations, gathering a team of advisors, and choosing short term actions that will help you take the next step in your career. About Abi Abi Jones leads a team of designers and researchers in Google Health, an organization that works across a variety of medical specialties to dramatically improve the availability and accuracy of medical services, with a focus on cancer, skin conditions, and diabetic eye disease. --------------- Meetup Note: WE'RE BAAAACK!!!! This is a livestream event (gee, thanks Coronavirus), and we would love to get the community back together through screens. Grab some munchies and dial in for a fantastic discussion about equality and your design choices. If you register here on Meetup.com, you'll be entered into a drawing for a Sketch license (with thanks to Sketch.com - terms & conditions apply)

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