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The vast majority of our activities are FREE.


Mission Statement: We are here to help you and your family prepare for Natural Disasters, Crime Prevention, Social and Economic Turmoil, Terrorism, War, and other continuity planning. Secondly, we are committed to helping you save money with your preparations. The answer to preparedness is not throwing money at the problem, but finding out what you need to do, and find the proper materials for your application. Thirdly, we are proponents of sustainable agriculture,  renewable resources, conservation, recycling, reusing, and re tasking all materials involved in your preparations. Next, we want you to have confidence in your planning and preparations. Your confidence and will to survive will make all the difference to survival.

Finally, we at  SUSTAINABLE SURVIVALIST NETWORK - FLORIDA REGION 6 do not, have not, and will not tolerate or condone any racist, separatist, secessionist, supremacist, bigoted, or any other type of intolerant sentiments, comments, or actions. If you or your group fall into any of these categories, we respectfully wish to inform you that we will not communicate, interact, assist , or engage with you in any way. At this time, people need to pull together and cooperate. We will NOT tolerate intolerance.

We want you to save your money to buy necessary provisions for you and your family.

Our goal is to build a strong community of family connections. If you want to learn about something, then please ask on our message board, or come talk to people at our meetings. Our group is full of experienced enthusiasts who are eager to help you prepare for yourself and your loved ones.

Hurricanes, economic uncertainty, pandemic, nuclear proliferation, or just being prepared to self sustain for months after an individual loses a job. The possibility of any or all of these hang over our heads every day. But are any of us prepared to protect our families if something drastic should occur?

Are you going to have all of the essentials, or are you going to join the mob of desperate last minute shoppers?

When you do that last minute shopping, is your money going to have buying power?

Be sure to look into our huge FILE section listed under "more" in the main menu. It is loaded with free information for you to download and share with others.

Meet with others to form a public alliance plan to benefit people prepared to self sustain independently for many months after an economic, natural, or man made disaster.

Let's work together to provide our own safety net for ourselves and our families. We want to foster community as we learn about and promote healthy, sustainable, self-sufficient lifestyles as well as environmental stewardship.

Please look at the categories on our preppers discussion board regularly; we hope you'll come to the group for advice, and we hope even more that you'll offer advice to those who are looking for assistance! We look forward to providing an interactive learning community for you online as well as in person.

We value the right of free speech and believe there should be no limits to free speech. However, we are all independent thinking individuals who do not always agree with the statements and opinions of our members and guests. We welcome ALL opinions and ethnicities. and any opinions expressed by people in attendance do not necessarily represent the opinions of the members or organizers.

Preppers can share their experience in gardening, canning, bee keeping, raising live stock, beer and wine making, learning about wild edibles, through field trips and hands on demonstrations. This prepping group was also established as a way for members to trade and barter for the products they make. Fresh eggs, honey, all kinds of fruits and vegetables, homemade soap are examples that members can bring to each meetup for trade.

Additional topics of meetings and discussions include, but are not limited to:

self reliance / food preservation and storage / water procurement and purification / making shelter / lethal and non lethal defense / Nuke-Chem-Bio issues / self reliant psychology / bartering / family oriented strategies and techniques / civil unrest /  gardening in small spaces / natural disasters / stealth and subterfuge /  emergency medicine and trauma care / repelling home invasions / wilderness survival / fire making and fire fighting / tracking / traps and snares / animal skinning and butchering / urban escape and evasion / hygiene / home heating options / off Grid living/ hurricane, survivalist, survivalism,  armagedon, apocalypse, bug out bag, water purification, prepper, preparation, foraging

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