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What we’re about

Meet other local semi-competitive volleyball players, we play 2 to 4 on a court. We have several meetups a Week. All at Mountain Vista Park on 48th St between  Ray Rd and Warner in Ahwatukee...


Skill level descriptions:

Beginner               (D level)-obvious there are no developed skills yet

Low-Intermediate (C Level)- Can pass and set the ball with some accuracy but                                               inconsistently.

Intermediate         (B level)- Can pass and set more consistently but still have                                                some occasional shanks.

High Intermediate (BB Level) Can Pass and set consistently with fewer errors.                                                 Can Hit well with some control on direction.  Can                                                 serve to a specific area on the court somewhat                                                   consistently.

Advanced               (A level) Can Serve, Set, and pass very well and                                                               consistently.  Can spike hard and control direction.                                             Has the skill to make intelligent shots to get easier                                             points consistently.  Has the ability to jump serve                                               with control of the direction

Elite                        (AA/AAA/Open) Has every skill mastered in volleyball and can play in an                                   AVP qualifier or other Open tournaments