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Look no further, we're the best group around - Our group is for Space Coast residents & surrounding areas (MILLENNIALS ONLY)

The goal of this group is to provide a laid back environment doing things most people our age like to do so we can kick back and make new friends. We want you to attend the group often because it's easier to make new friends when you start seeing familiar faces (3rd time's a charm). You're encouraged to come by yourself but you are allowed to bring 1-2 other people such as your spouse/partner or an old friend that also wants to make new friends.

LGBTQ FRIENDLY - We are a judgement free group and want people of all races, colors, religions and sexual orientations to join. Rudeness will not be tolerated in this group because we pledge to respect one another and to watch each other's backs. We always have a great mix of new and old members so don't worry if you don't know anybody at first because that's how we all started.

Most members are fairly new to Florida who are transplants from other states and countries...

If you're just visiting or on vacation, feel free to come hang out with the locals (we'll show you how it's done)!

Please RSVP if you're coming to this event and if you can't make it then take away your RSVP. Sometimes we use these numbers to buy everyone pizza (as well as other reasons) so please help us out.

Please message the organizer (or comment on the events) if you have any questions, comments or recommendations.

Also, anyone can host! That's how we grow... So if you want to host a 1-time or monthly/repeating event, just message the organizer and we'll get you set up. Events must be planned at least 1-month in advance and there can be multiple hosts per event so team up or do it solo, doesn't matter. We're always striving to add new events/hosts so let's make it happen! Just message the organizer.


Welcome to your new group of friends!

Partners in Crime ⭐ Millennial Friends of Space Coast

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🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ Millennial Friends 🏳️‍🌈 Drinks 🍸 Mix & Mingle @ Savoy Orlando

We are teaming up with our Orlando chapter of "Partners in Crime" for this event - I don't expect many RSVP'S from the beachside people but don't let that discourage you because there will be way more RSVP'S for this event on our Orlando group so be sure to join using this link: https://www.meetup.com/orlando-partners-in-crime/

DETAILS: Once per month we're going to have an LGBTQ meetup for anyone wanting to make new friends - Singles and couples are welcome - This event is brand new so please help us spread the word and bring some friends - It will probably start off slow like everything else but will eventually build up into something of value (hopefully a big group of regulars is the goal) - I'm committed to hosting this event every month for all of 2021 so I'm excited to see what we can make happen - This meetup group is already responsible for tons of friendships and even a couple engagements so make yourself available and come have some fun in a safe place :)

HOW TO FIND US (WITH NO OFFICAL HOST): Meet at the outdoor back patio for at least the first 30 minutes so people can group up as there is "no official host" for this event - Anybody in that area that looks like a Millennial is most likely with the group so just ask them and do you part to carry on the conversations

PS: There will be go go dancers at Savoy so don't forget to tip them!

THE EVENT COMMENT SECTION IS YOUR FRIEND: If you have questions, comments, or need help finding the group, just use the comment section - Everyone that RSVP'S should get a notification so let's all try to help each other out and reply to one another.

PS: Anyone can host an event! That's how we grow as a group - So if you want to host a 1-time event or a monthly/repeating event (preferred), just message the organizer (Kody) and we'll get you set up with your own event page. All you have to do is show up early, greet people as they arrive, and enjoy the event just like everyone else (easy easy). We need help leading this group! Events must be planned at least 2 weeks in advance to gain enough RSVP'S and there can be multiple hosts per event so feel free to team up or just do it solo like most people (doesn't matter). We're always striving to add new events/hosts so let's make it happen! Once we have you set up as an "event organizer" for your first event, you will have the ability to create new events on your own without asking permission (this is how we plan to grow). Just message the group organizer to get started.

See ya @ Savoy 🏳️‍🌈

Partners in Crime ⭐ Space Coast

🌴 REGGAE SUNDAY 🌴 with 💀The Supervillains💀

Blackfins at Capt Hirams Resort

Come out and feel De Sand between your toes 🏖 as you join us for Live Reggae 🇯🇲 music at our favorite 🗿 Tiki Bar. You can Dance, Drink, Dine or just enjoy De Vibes.

🎸Live Music: THE SUPERVILLAINS have been bringing their unique brand of Ska, Reggae, and Punk, mixed in with their goofy on stage antics to cities and towns across America.

🚩 Where: CAPT HIRAM'S SANDBAR is anchored in the sand, surrounded by coconut palms and buffeted by cool river breezes, our outdoor tiki-style Sandbar is Sebastian’s go-to destination for live music, cold beer, tropical cocktails and the chance to mingle in a trio of spirited spots. The Sandbar is the best spot for a cool drink paired with a warm breeze.

💲 Admission is Free. And you can Buy a wide arrangement of 🥙Foods🍤 and all the 🍻Drinks🍹 you want for this Tipsy Tiki Party.

🚕 As always be safe. UBER and your DD are your friends.

Ladies Night 🍹 Every 2nd Thursday


Hey Ladies! Join us every 2nd Thursday of the month as we try different restaurants and catch up with each other.

RSVPs are limited! Please do NOT RSVP if you're just interested and want to keep tabs on the event. RSVP when you're committed to going so that we have an accurate headcount. We know life happens! Just be sure to update your RSVP as soon as you know you're unable to make it.

If you have any restaurant suggestions, leave us a comment below. We look forward to seeing you!

DOWNTOWN: Main Street Pub's Upstairs/Outdoor Balcony (MONTHLY) >> Friends/Drinks

Instead of a bar crawl, we're just going to make solid plans for a couple hours @ Main Street Pub's upstairs/outdoor balcony - Feel free to do as you please before & after but this gives the group a good spot to meetup for a bit. You never know what might happen or who you might meet so come hangout for a bit!


HOW TO FIND THE GROUP: We'll be on the balcony overlooking the front street. Main Street Pub is fairly large, especially with their back patio, but the specific area we are meeting (2nd floor outdoor front balcony) is fairly small so it should be easy to group-up without an official host. Just ask around for the group if you don't know anybody (we're all around the same age)... Most people show up solo so don't be scared to come, it's a great spot for a couple drinks...

>>> USE THE COMMENT SECTION TO COMMUNICATE if you need help finding people & for questions/comments... Everyone that has RSVP'd will get a notification so try to help each other out.

This event repeats monthly...

See ya downtown!

-Space Coast Partners in Crime

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