What we're about

Vision: Humanity as a successful space-faring species enabled by the commercialization of space.

Mission: Our mission is to catalyze the growth of commercial space by lowering the barriers to space entrepreneurship, helping people be more entrepreneurial, and by providing opportunities to connect and share information

Who we are: We are a community of entrepreneurially minded space professionals

Who we serve:

• Startup founders, executives, and employees

• People who want to be more entrepreneurial, both inside and outside the space industry

• People who want to serve the entrepreneurially minded space community in Seattle and beyond

Why come to Space Entrepreneurs?

• Inspiration: Come get inspiration from others doing great things with space!

• Advancement: Think and act on how to advance your career or company in space

• Fun: It's fun to get together with people of like mind and be inspired. Come join us!

Why are we doing this? We see a growing space industry and community in Seattle combined with trends like lower cost of launch, public-private partnerships, and more pointing to more opportunities to support humanity's expansion into space. We also see the need for more and better opportunities to connect and share information while we grow our careers in space.

How We Do It: We strive to create a safe environment where people can learn, share information, and connect with others.

Who can join Space Entrepreneurs? Anyone who is interested in the future and potential of space is welcome to join.

Past events (54)

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225 Terry Ave N

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Startup Weekend Seattle Space Primer

WeWork 500 Yale Ave N

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