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This is a very friendly and welcoming group.

We meet about 15 times a month to speak Spanish. We mostly meet in coffee shops but we occasional have special events and social events.

This group has every level of speaker from pure beginners to native speakers. Beginners are welcome. The only reason there seem to be so many advanced speakers is that the group has been in existence for many years. Many of these people were beginners when they joined the group, so they will have sympathy for you. I like to compare it to a one-room school house. The advanced speakers help the beginners.

Although the advanced speakers and native speakers do help the beginners, the meetings are not classes as such, so if you have no method of learning grammar and vocabulary outside of the meetings, this group will probably not help you.

However, even if you don't speak any Spanish at all, but you have a book, or a piece of software, or you are taking a class, and you study dilligently before coming to the meetings, we will embrace you.

The following rule is called The Rule.

Members that reply "Yes" to an event must do one of the following.

1. Show up at the event.2. Change their reply to "No" before the event starts.3. Call or text the event host's cell.4. Send me an email message at after the event.

Obviously we might not have the event host's cell number, so we might not be able to do number 3. However, we will always be able to perform number 4, which means that we are always able to comply with The Rule

Some events, especially festival-type events are not subject to The Rule, but festival-type events have their own special instructions, so please read the event descriptions carefully.

Occasionally, as a routine part of the running of this group, I may contact members. This does not mean that you are in trouble. The important thing is to reply to me promptly.

Please note that I only check the internal messages about once every two months, so please email me instead of using this system.

In the profile questions you will be required to acknowledge and affirm the following statement."If Kichiji is trying to contact me, I will make a an earnest and committed effort to contact him using all communication methods available to me."

An earnest and committed effort may include tapping me on the shoulder at a meeting and saying, "Hi, my name is ... I understand you are trying to contact me." It may also include calling me or texting me. It will certainly include emailing me at . It is important that you do not cease your efforts to contact me until you are successful.

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