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Hi, Mercedes from Meetup here... we are in the process of translating Meetup into Spanish! We could use the help of people who are extremely fluent in Spanish and English to review the translations we receive from our professional translators. If you are NOT fluent, please don't join. This Meetup Group is NOT for people interested in learning the Spanish language or more about the culture. We realize that depending upon what country or region you are in, Spanish can be spoken different ways. So we are looking for people who will help us with translating Meetup into a universal Spanish - where Spanish speakers from all over the world will be able to comprehend what they are reading. This group will NOT Meetup, but we will use the message boards and files section to post translations for members to review and give us recommendations. If you have any questions, just send me an email or greeting. Click on the "About Us" link on the left to read more about this Meetup Group.

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