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What we’re about

The Society for the Promotion of Eclectic Women (S.P.E.W.) provides a safe, welcoming, inclusive, fun group for women in the San Francisco Bay Area to enjoy their fandoms with other like-minded women. Your fandoms could be geek-, sports-, music-, craft-, activity-, tabletop gaming-, video gaming-, or tv/movie-related . . . or they could be something else entirely! You can be part of many fandoms or have one specific fandom that you’re really into. S.P.E.W. also gives you the opportunity to try new things, explore new interests, and toe dip into possible new fandoms. <br>

We try to keep things pretty simple. Once you’ve joined the group, RSVP to the events that catch your eye. If you have to change your RSVP, please do so as far in advance as possible to allow other members to attend and help hosts plan for the proper number of attendees. If there’s an event you’d like to see, post your idea on our Meetup discussion board, and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

Fandoms, by nature, are intense. While there’s nothing better than connecting with other fans, bringing together passionate, diverse women from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences will lead to occasional hiccups. S.P.E.W. members are expected to use common sense and common courtesy here on Meetup and at our events. We encourage our members to communicate with each other clearly, honestly, kindly, and respectfully.

WHY S.P.E.W. The Society for the Promotion of Eclectic Women (S.P.E.W.) is a playful Harry Potter reference. In the books, Hermione Granger founded an organization named the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare. In real life, the eclectic women who founded this Meetup became friends through our love of the original seven HP books. We quickly learned that each of us has a broad set of interests outside of the Wizarding World, a love of sharing those interests with others, and an eagerness to try out new experiences and fandoms.

Our hope is that S.P.E.W. will provide many other women the opportunity to dive deeply into their chosen fandoms, explore new fandoms, and connect with other eclectic, engaging, empathetic, earnest, eccentric, effusive, empowering, eloquent, exceptional, enterprising, exhilarating, hella extra women. The E in S.P.E.W. can stand for any number of wonderful personal qualities. We can't wait to find out which ones you'll bring to S.P.E.W.!