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Spider Pigs meet every Saturday night at a variety of bars and restaurants around Newcastle for a chat, to socialize and to meet new friends. We have members of all ages, backgrounds, life stages and persuasions - all people are welcome - so while you might not hit it off with everyone, there is bound to be some people you will enjoy spending time with and you never know, your next BFF might be waiting!

Please note that this is not a singles group or a 'pick-up' group. Everyone is welcome. The rules are simple: be kind, be respectful, give people the benefit of the doubt and if there's an issue talk to me. Please see the extended rules in the discussion page.

This is a group for meeting new people, socializing, having conversation and making friends in a safe, inclusive environment.

You can also find us at http://www.spiderpigsnewcastle.com and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1293293310698677/

Upcoming events (5+)

The Flying Tiger

The Flying Tiger

The Flying Tiger have managed the perfect balance between extreme decor (there is literally a plane in the wall) and elegant minimalism. It feels wonderfully cosy but also chic and modern. The menu has a huge variety of seasonally changing offerings that feature local produce made by exceptional chefs. And if you get the urge you can even watch them work while you sip on your fancy cocktail (or tap beer). Our regular spot is downstairs under the plane's tail. We have half of that area booked, so there's plenty of tables to play musical chairs with like in true Spider Pig style. Big thanks to the team for supporting us and being one of Newcastle's most eclectic and interesting venues. Love your work TFT! Can't wait to see all you Spider Pigs there :)

Babylon, bring it on.

Babylon Newcastle

First up on our 2019 Partner Program Schedule is the delightful, classy and evocative Babylon. Specialising in whisky, brandy and all things 20s the Babylon team have renovated and updated one of Newcastle's most historic buildings to be one of the classiest venues in town. We have a running reservation in the upstairs mezzanine behind the top bar, so we can watch the action and have a birds eye view of the glamour (and be a part of it). Come and hang and socialise and meet some new friends! Cant wait to see you there.

Great Northern Hotel

Needs a location

The Great Northern is Newcastle's newest old pub. It's been around for over 80 years but reopened in 2018 with a fresh new look and cool new vibe. The wonderful team at the GN have been so supportive of the Spider Pigs and were the first partner venue to jump on board. Let's show them our appreciation and head on over to sip on some refreshing beverages and chill out in decadence. We have a special spot for our troupe in the foyer under the big paintings with the lounges where there is ample room to mingle and comfy spots to sit. Can't wait to see you there!

Palais Dance and Social

Polish Association of Newcastle


Dance the night away at the Palais! Bringing classy back to Newcastle's classic dance scene. This is not a Singles Event, it's a Sen Event - so it's open for everyone to come, bring your mates, bring a partner or come solo and join a social table and meet people there. A new dance & social event with live music, partner dancing, social tables and the opportunity to get glammed up for a night on the town. Novocastrians all remember the once great Palais Royal that graced our town with great live music and provided a space for dancers and socialisers to get together, have a party and meet new people. Many couples who met there are still together today! Sen Events and Newcastle Connections are bringing back the glamour, the glitz and the grandeur of the great Palais. The Palais Dance & Social nights will provide fun music that everyone can dance to, supper and drinks to delight you. Get your dancing shoes ready everyone! TICKET DETAILS: Spider Pigs Members: $55 (sit at the Spider Pigs group table and get the group booking discount) Standing/dancing room only: $35 (per person) Join a social table: $60 (per person) Tables for 2: $130 (per table) Tables for 4: $240 (per table) Tables for 6: $330 (per table) Tickets available here: https://www.palaisdancehall.com/upcoming-events Live Music Showcasing some of Newcastle's best swing bands and musical talents. The Palais is working with musicians all around our great city to bring you the music you can dance to, music to make you feel vibrant. Jazz, Modern Jive, Soul, Blues, Rock 'n Roll. We have a little something for everyone. Food & Drink Food and drink are provided through separately on the evening. A full supper menu is available for order from the bar or from your table waiters. We have options to suit all diets and budgets. So top up your champagne, grab a plate of supper and sit back and enjoy the party. Our Venue We are proud to be hosted by the beautiful Polish Club hall in Hamilton. This extraordinary old building boasts two dancing and social areas including the main hall, which is a proper, elegant old-fashioned dance hall and the upstairs cocktail lounge as well as the mezzanine wings for you to watch the action. Tickets and tables Options for everyone Date Night Tables Book a table for two and bring your special someone along to a magical date to remember. Be pampered, be swooned, be romanced by the Palais. Fall in love for the first time, or all over again. Group & Communal Tables Book a table for all your friends or jump on a table with new people and make new friends on the night! Either way, you'll get a great view of the dance floor, and maybe even find a partner to whirl around with you. Standing only - dancing all night For those who are coming with or without dancing partners and don't want to join a communal table. For those who want to dance the night away and wear holes in the dancefloor - we have you covered. Bar stools and lounges are available for when you need a breather. More details here www.palaisdancehall.com or call me on[masked]

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