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What we’re about

This Meetup has been replaced by our new one... Philly Spiritual Adventures. Please join that Meetup, because it is where all of the activities are being posted.


Our vision is an open and loving community of spiritual adventurers, welcoming each person to experience their Divine nature in an empowering space of unconditional Love.

We are lighting the world in love, teaching universal spiritual principles to inspire all people to create their own lives in wisdom, peace, prosperity and joy.

People say we're spiritual, not religious.

All are invited to  more fully experience Love, Joy and fellowship by living and learning Universal Principles. Our group meets every Sunday in University City for a Celebration of Spirit in words, music and experience. Classes and small groups meet on other days and locations.

We believe that there is One Creative Power in the Universe that creates everything - including each of us. And that we each use this same Creative Power to create our life.

Our new Life begins with a new thought.