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"You will probably never work again!" stated my psychiatrist - matter of fact, like he was letting my know the time of day.

I had just spent 3 weeks in a mental hospital, taken there by my parents because I was struggling to cope with the debilitating effects of a serious mental illness, paranoid schizophrenia. At their wits end my parents, with the help of my uncle, a family doctor, had driven me 60 miles from North Antrim to be assessed in Winsor House, the mental illness facility within the much larger Belfast City Hospital.

"I'll discharge you today" continued the psychiatrist. And with that I was collected by my parents and taken to their home.

That evening, I was sitting reflecting on my stay in Winsor House and on the devastating prognosis delivered by my psychiatrist. Then my mind started to go into overdrive.

"If I could never work again I would have to give up my promising career as an architect. I wouldn't have any money. If I didn't have any money I would never be able to own my own home. If I couldn't own my own home I would never be able to get married."

My mind accelerated into a downward negative spiral, and emotionally I was overwhelmed by an intense rage, which ended a week later in powerful self destructive thoughts. And I was taken back to Winsor House, this time in an ambulance. This time around I was diagnosed with acute depression alongside suicidal ideation. I now had two mental conditions instead of one and was a complete mess.

In the hospital I tried to shake off those suicidal impulses, but try as I might they would not leave. I was so stressed I could not sleep, was eating uncontrollably and was pulling out much of my hair. After three months the doctors gave up on me and I was released back into my own home in a war zone in Belfast, and unbeknown to me my parents were told to stay away.

This was the start of my 30's.

This was how I escaped from the rat race.


Today, as I sit typing this, I live in a beautiful home at the foot of the Dublin Mountains in Rathfarnham, with a wonderful wife and family. I recently left my previous role as the CEO of Trans4mind Ltd, a personal development training company that I co-founded to focus on my new role...using the totality of my life experience as a Spiritual Teacher. In this new role and for the previous 20 years, I have lived completely free from stress.

It's not easy to get out of the rat race. I had no choice. Perhaps you do have a choice, as to whether you can stay in the rat race or seek a better life. What I would say to you, based on my 35 years of dealing with this question, is that you absolutely can leave the rat race but its damn difficult on your own.

Determination got you into the rat race, but it will not get you out! To truly escape the rat race, you have to develop an entirely new relationship with yourself. Instead of working hard, you need to learn to work with love. When you work with love, everything in your life flows effortlessly and you escape the circle of stress.

That's why I set up Escape the Rat Race, to use my 35 years experience of reinventing myself, plus all the extensive online resources of my personal development training company and the online resources of my wider team in the fields of enhanced life skills, improved health and wellbeing and secure financial planning, to provide all the supports you need to be successful in following your heart's desire.

With my support you do not have to give up on yourself and your dreams. I will help you grow into the magnificent person you know in heart and soul you are! Even the slightest hint that you want to leave the rat race, is enough. I can support you from there.

I look forward to meeting you at one of my meetups.

I have written an empowering personal message for each of you about escaping the rat race - see:




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All meetups are practical, life enhancing mini-workshops


“I wanted to thank you for your support and amazing inspiration that I got since I started with you! When I was out walking I said to myself, ''Oh my God, I feel like I am really, really happy'' and I haven't felt like this for a long, long time. Also I am experiencing the peace of mind that is beyond understanding. Your coaching has had an incredible impact on me and I wanted to thank you for that!” ~ Michael

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These Meetups offer a combination of wellness methods, leading to the enhancement of spiritual growth - creating a new consciousness. This is achieved though life coaching and positive psychology, which support self exploration.

As self-awareness develops, spiritual awakening naturally occurs. This helps co-ordinate all your decisions so that they become an expression of who you really are. This results in self empowerment in all aspects of your life. The result is marked self improvement and personal development, leading to a fresh start - to life transformation. It's a wonderful journey of self discovery with life enhancing results.

In time all the student's capabilities are enhanced and this is channelled into their professional development. Job enhancement and career change is common along with improvements in personal relationships. My support team offers additional assistance of a practical nature, including health and financial coaching and resources, along with enhanced networking opportunities to empower you to step out into your new life with confidence.

In summary, with my support and training and that of my team, anything is possible as you emerge from the rat race to a new life of abundance and fulfillment.

We invite you to begin here...

https://wallacehuey.com (https://wallacehuey.com/)

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Eliminate stress completely from your work!

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Have you ever watched an elite sprinter in slow motion? The relaxed power. The effortless stride. The smooth breathing. Stress can be eliminated completely - and that this zero stress state goes hand in hand with peak performance. This quest for zero stress will take you out of the rat race into a new more fulfilling life. I invite you to discover more... Wallace Huey is a Spiritual Teacher who got out of the Rat Race when he was 29 and has never looked back. He will help you do the same. You can view his website here - https://wallacehuey.com This workshop costs €10 paid through PayPal

Discover the effortless way to get out of a rut

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How do you feel when in a rut? Blocked. Confused. Stressed. Your mind is searching for a way out, but every way you look seems full of struggle. Did you know that within every rut is a path to freedom and release? All you need to do is see your situation clearly and the way out emerges. Wallace will assist you do that during this meetup. Wallace Huey is a Spiritual Teacher who got out of the Rat Race when he was 29 and has never looked back. He will help you do the same. You can view his website here - https://wallacehuey.com This workshop costs €10 paid through PayPal

I invite you to take on the challenge of reinventing yourself.

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Imagine the thrill of starting over - of reinventing yourself. The challenge.... everything new. Leaping out of bed with excitement. Exiting the rat race. The problem is.. How is it possible? How is it practical? How is it safe? I have an expert team that who together meet your every need. We empower you to make the impossible possible. One safe and secure step at a time. Don't believe me? Attend this meetup to find out. All you need to bring are your dreams! Wallace Huey is a Spiritual Teacher who got out of the Rat Race when he was 29 and has never looked back. He will help you do the same. You can view his website here - https://wallacehuey.com This workshop costs €10 paid through PayPal

How can we get out of the rat race? - Discussion group

FREE DISCUSSION GROUP ON ZOOM - Now that lockdown is beginning to ease, we are faced with the reality of getting back to our normal working life. For many of us this reality is not what we want. We can find ourselves dreaming of how we can get out of the rat race. But is this even possible? Getting out of the rat race is a challenge for all of us. That's why we can benefit from sharing our ideas on how this might come about. This is a free and open discussion on Zoom so we can pull our ideas and contacts to see how we can help one another escape from the rat race. Facilitator Wallace Huey.

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How to have a small change yield a big result

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