• Lead an Exuberant Life - in person spiritual event

    Needs a location

    Would you like to lead an exuberant, spiritual life?
    A life where you are charged with energy and power?

    Learn from someone who has attained this for himself - someone who has lived in a state of unshakeable inner peace for the last 12 years.

    This is your opportunity to meet and get to know a Spiritual Teacher and be introduced to his Spiritual Path.

    Simply come along to this in person Meetup in Wallace’s home and have a chat.

    Testimonial from one of the participant's.

    "I feel challenged yet completely supported. Uncomfortable yet completely trusting. I feel butterflies in my stomach at the realizations and insights that have come so far, and I am so grateful and honored I have found such a wonderful “soul friend” and teacher to guide me along my spiritual - aka growth - path. Thank you, for everything so far and everything to come. God bless you. The world is better with you in it.” ~ Tash

    See Wallace's Website Here