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What we’re about

The support group is for those who: 

-Feel as if they are experiencing a powerful and sometimes challenging spiritual awakening rather than a mental health crisis or medical event

-Receive spiritual insights that are surprising or confusing 

-Grasp that an overwhelming inner shift is occurring 

-Observe increased sensitivity to others energy 

-Perceive their inner experiences sometimes interrupt daily life 

-Notice a blurring of the internal and external experiences 

-Sense themselves as making a definite, yet undefinable, life transformation 

-Have a willingness to cooperate with their inner process with support 

-Accept the idea of change as a positive growth opportunity 

-Want to share and hear from others who may provide context and support 

-May be in recovery from substance use disorder and are interested in a spiritual development process 

-Value information to share with loved ones to facilitate understanding 

The yoga class portion of the group will be a great fit for those who: 

-What to practice body and breath-based movements to connect to their physical body and energy system
-Are willing to move slowly, with focus on feeling ( sometimes intensifying, other times soothing the felt sensations)
-Desire to increase connection and cooperation with their body and listen to its messages
-Are interested in learning/ practicing mindful insight meditation
-Are interested in learning/ practicing yoga breath work with music
-Have a curious attitude toward shifting into an empowered perception of themselves
-Value freedom to be yourself, feel your feelings and express authentically
-Trust the process of moving toward wholeness by involving the body, mind and spirit