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A community of londoners dedicated to explore the awesome nature of human experience. We do Reiki courses & share, mindfulness walks in nature, feel good workshops, meditation evenings, social getaways, picnics, face to face connections, special quantum healing hypnosis talks. We promote lightness and simplicity in all our events, as much aslaughter and joy. ONENESS* TRUTH* SIMPLICITY* NOW* FREEDOM* LOVE* PEACE

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Reiki levels 1&2 • Degree Certification

Neal's Yard Remedies - Covent Garden


"Be calm is your greatest power" This course is an authentic Japanese Reiki that also includes Holy Fire III Reiki, the most powerful Reiki energy available now. This is a complete certificate Reiki training for people interested in self healing, spirituality or to become a professional Reiki practitioner as our courses are recognise by all UK and international Reiki associations. What is Reiki? Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and deep relaxation. It is a natural Healing Energy. It works in every level, treats the whole person: body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include deep relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well-being. It has profoundly calming effect. Many have reported miraculous results. Reiki Levels 1 & 2 (combined) Level 1 and level 2 have been taught as two separate Reiki courses in the West, but they are much more beneficial when taught together as one course. This corresponds much more closely to how Usui the founder, taught Reiki. After your level 1 & 2 Reiki course you will have a greater understanding of Reiki and using Reiki actively to work on conditions on a physical and emotional/mental level. You will understand the integral purpose of the Reiki symbols and you will understand how these work and how to use them for self healing and healing others. TOPICS DURING THE CLASS: •Intuitive Reiki & Holy Fire Reiki Attunements •Holy Fire Reiki placements •Attunements (Usui and Holy Fire Reiki) •Mindfulness and Meditation / Energy healing meditations •Byosen Scanning / Scanning auras and body field energy with the hands •Self-treatment, given a treatment •Hands on practice •Chakras balancing •Attunements / placements to the 3 Reiki symbols •Japanese techniques •Distance healing •Aspects of the professional practice, Insurance, client’s treatments, Reiki associations. • What other students say: "The Reiki Levels 1 & 2 weekend was absolutely fantastic. Miguel is that special kind of teacher - patient and gently encouraging - and the authentic style of Reiki he teaches suited me down to the ground as very intuitive. I came away from the course feeling really light....and free" Ella "Insightful and life-transforming workshop! Having been to quite a few courses, I can say I really enjoyed your workshop - just the right amount of material/teachings for the time available, full days that did not feel crazily intense, a good balance between teaching and practice and a very comfortable number of people - small enough to easily allow one to open up in vulnerability to this small 'Reiki family' and large enough to swap and work with different people" Beatrice "The weekend with Miguel was incredibly relaxed yet profound. Reiki was much more than I had expected; much more powerful and enlightening. And Miguel's teaching was clear and simple, and he is very funny too. He made the group feel very much at home and we were able to throroughly enjoy the collective experience at every moment. I totally recommend Reiki as a journey to feeling more self love, and love for others, to feeling more at ease in life and to having complete faith in every moment. Miguel's teaching is a comfortable and confident guide every step of the way." Graham BOOKING AND FEES: £295 Early Bird Discount • You can make a £100 deposit to keep your place To book please go to our website: https://reikimaya.com/product/reiki-12/ Or also our eventbrite link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/reiki-class-levels-12-reiki-maya-centre-tickets-55049187602 www.reikimaya.com [masked]

Energy Creation Course - Level 1 - "Find your Light"

St Stephen's Church


Welcome to Energy Creation Course where you will learn to: - MASTER THE ENERGY OF YOUR HANDS AND YOUR BODY - CONNECT TO YOUR HEALING GIFTS - DEVELOP YOUR INTUITION AND EXTRASENSORY SKILLS - LEARN HOW TO UPLIFT AND BALANCE YOUR ENERGY - PROTECT YOUR FREQUENCY AND BRING HEALING TO YOUR LIFE ​Energy Creation is a multidimensional healing course which will help you to understand your energy, practice energy and learn healing for yourself and other people. You will learn how to look after your aura, communicate on the level of subtle energy, scan your body, create an enriching and uplifting environment in your life. Energy Creation helps you to connect to your true self and use your energy to achieve balance and well-being. It brings the ability to channel energy directly from your own source. Energy Creation is creating a new world in your hands with the help of subtle energies and then transferring it into the physical realms. ​Welcome to Energy Creation Level 1 where we will enter the world of subtle energy and learn to use our hands and intuition for our well-being. The level consists of 7 chapters with each one teaching us about the power of healing energy. ​In this level you will learn and practice: 1. What energy is, how to communicate with energy and direct it into body and space. 2. Your unique energy, how to connect to it and hold it at all times. 3. How to feel and scan the energy with your hand. 4. The power of the white light for your body and aura. 5. Ways to balance your aura, keep it clean and replenish with energy. 6. How to use your hands for healing and energy communication. 7. Using high-vibrational energy, hand positions, hand motions and shapes. Benefits of this level: - Increase your energy awareness and intuition - Learn and practice your healing skills - Develop trust in yourself and your inner power - Interact with the world of subtle energy - Maintain your inner balance ​Each class will consist of extensive practice, theory, helpful examples and interaction. You will learn from your experience, experience of other students and support of the teacher. You will receive a lot of useful techniques that you can apply in your life. Each class lasts for 2 hours and includes introduction, practice, discussion, group and personal exercises. You will receive a guide and a certificate at the end of the course. As an Energy Creation student, you will be able to continue receiving support and updates on the technique from the teacher. This course is great for Reiki practitioners who want to expand their practice or for beginners who are new to the world of subtle energy. Course dates: 1st May 2019 - 12th June 2019 Every Wednesday 19:00 - 21:00 Course location: St Stephen's Church, Gloucester road, Central London Course cost: £220 ​The group is limited so please book in advance to ensure a space. You can book the course and find more information here: https://www.mariasuniverse.com/energy-creation-course Looking forward to seeing you at the course and let us create a new world of energy together! www.mariasuniverse.com www.youtube.com/mariasuniverse www.facebook.com/mariasuniverselove ​

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Reiki Share • MARCH

Neal's Yard Remedies - Covent Garden


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