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What we’re about

Spirituality is simply about bringing awareness to who You really are at Your deepest level, and connecting with Your True Self enabling You to become more Real. It is not a religious concept. (Life) Coaching is about taking control of your life primarily by setting and achieving goals to move your life forward in the direction you want. Spiritual Coaching combines these two elements allowing you to go beyond your mind and set goals from a deeper space. This is a journey of self-discovery based on bringing awareness to who you really are. The aim is to move towards a more fulfilling and happier life by recognising your true goals/dreams and ensuring your day-to-day activities are congruent with them. This Group is for everyone interested in using these ideas to make significant change in their life: bringing awareness to our own life situations (why we are where we are now), our real goals/dreams, and what is stopping us from having them now (our conditioned choices). Here we have the chance to swap ideas, challenge ourselves and experiment with new ways of living our dreams!