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What we’re about

Welcome!  Join us on the path to unfolding our full human potential - the path to awakening!  

(1) The world around us is made of rhythms, of the flow of life energy.  Let's explore anything that puts us more in tune with that flow, with Shakti: 

FLOW-ARTS (fire-spinning, poi, staff, hoops, fabric, acro-yoga, juggling, acrobatics, etc.), 

MUSIC (chanting, kirtan, bowls, bajan, mantas, drumming), 

DANCING (bellydance, trance dance, partner dance, contact inprov, etc.), 

ENERGY MOVEMENT (tantra, kundalini, etc.).  

(2) Let's also explore that which brings us to the silent Source of that flow, to Shiva: 

YOGA (asanas, pranayama, deep meditation, ayur veda, etc.).   

(3) Here's the place to meet other like-minded people, and to explore the deepest, most profound knowledge and practices - all to help support your spiritual journey.

Most of the world is virtually asleep spiritually; most people are utilizing only 5-10% of their innate potential (potential for consciousness, presence, radiance, love, harmony, intelligence, intuition, energy, gifting, creativity, peace, freedom, and ecstasy). Most people haven't a clue what their true reality is deep within, at Source - who they really are behind all this illusion; nor do they know the ecstasy of the full flow of Life.

Learn to remove the obstacles, the constrictions to the full flow of life. 

(4) Join us on the path to unfolding our full, 100% human potential - often called Self-realization, awakening, enlightenment - our human birthright.  

(5) And join us on the path to seeing how big we are, how vast, how divine - how much life energy and ecstasy we can create, conduct, and radiate into the world.

Positive ideas and suggestions for this group are warmly welcome.



Group Organizer

Dr. Michael Dean Goodman

Boca Raton, FL - and - Fairfield, IA

561-350-3930 •

Director: The Namaste Center

• Initiated teacher of Patanjali's ashtanga yoga, Turiya Meditation, ayur veda, tantra, vedanta

• Ph.D. in vedic knowledge (the source of yoga, meditation, etc.)

Director: The Relationship Institute

• Ph.D. in counseling

• Relationship & intimacy coach ("The Relationship Doctor")

• Tantra workshops & private sessions (create ideal relationship; integrate sexuality, love, & spirituality; unfold the fullness of masculine & feminine, of god/goddess)


• Performing musician (piano, vocals, tamboura, hand drums), kirtan leader, drum circle organizer

• Acro-yoga teacher

• Photographer of beauty in nature & people

• Published performance artist & fire-performer

• Partner dance teacher & DJ