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What we’re about

Nice Guys Finish last. Nice Men don’t.

What’s the Difference?

Let me put it to you like this: Have you ever been out doing your daily routine and you see a beautiful woman at your local coffee shop, bus stop or even in the middle of the street and you want to talk to her yet you play a whole scene in your head of how you will ask her out , start dating, fight and break up all in the span of a few minutes. By the time you finish your daydream she is already gone. Or you desperately try swiping on tinder in hopes she will swipe right too. What are the Results? Many lonely night with your computer and a box of tissues. I know, I have been there too.


Through Principle based learning I will teach you the tools of H.O.W. (Honesty, Openness, Willingness) to live a full and authentic life so you can not only get the woman of your dreams yet live the dream of the best life you can live. Each week we will cover a different topic that will build upon the Previous weeks.

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