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What we’re about

Are you spiritually minded and looking for insight and a positive community? This group will explore a variety of spiritual topics and tools including meditation, visualization, shamanic journeys, channeling, Reiki, sound healing, energy clearing, creativity, future self, self love, and finding love. And along the way, let’s have fun because we might as well enjoy it all.

This meetup is all about being around a group of people who are totally accepting of your spiritual experiences and won't think you're crazy when you talk about them!  We have a varied set of activities, from discussions to energy healing to expanding one’s own energy. There are offerings available to explore to grow and learn new ways to connect to, heal, and expand yourself, and to help you learn to move through life and the issues it brings in a new way.

If you are walking this path and want to learn new things, clear the past, let go and move on – please join us! There will be time to be serious, time to open up and time to lighten up. Come meet like-minded friends to grow and laugh with.

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