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Life's Transitions, Mind, Body and Soul. Success begins with peace of mind, body and spirit.

When we were born, we were all given the tools (mental, physical and spiritual) to transform our lives into whatever we choose it to be. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, someone forgot to give us the user's manual.

In the past decade or so, researchers across a range of disciplines have started to explore and acknowledge the positive contribution spirituality can make to mental and physical health. The intent of this group is to discover ways in which spiritual activity can contribute to mental and physical health and well-being through discussions and classes related to integrating spirituality, psychology and all things healing. By defining and developing what we truly want in our lives, we create plans of action for manifesting it and therefore begin using the tools we were given to help achieve those results.

Let's create a toolbox for living and growing!


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The Future - 2022 Predictions

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