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What we’re about

The Sacred Light Interfaith Fellowship is an Interfaith Metaphysical Church
based in the teachings of "A Course in Miracles".

Enjoy this video about "The Power of Prayer " by Rev. Daniel Neusom:

You will have the direct experience of the Holy Spirit of God , in a classic Spiritualist Expression.

Come & Join the Annointing... A-MEN!

Even if Worship Services aren't "Your Thing",
The Sacred Light Fellowship offers
Something for Everybody:

Channeled Messages
Inspired Spiritual Talks
Workshops/Classes on healing, meditation, spiritual & psychic development.
Healing Service Directory

This meet-up group functions as the main portal for all The Sacred Light Fellowship for announcements related specifically to the Sunday Services. Please go to the "NYC Psychic Training & Opening to Spirit Guidance" Meetup for Sacred Light classes & special events.

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