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Offering a non-judgmental, loving atmosphere to explore your own spirituality and meet others who are taking this journey within. Sometimes it is difficult to grow without the help of others. Come bounce ideas off each other.

Our MeetUps are designed to explore topics related to spirituality, meditation, accessing your wisdom from within, the law of attraction, past life regression, dreams, books, staying in the present moment, success, overcoming obstacles, intuition and much more! Whether you are a conscious lightworker or new to spiritual seeking, you are welcome here.

We are here to help many empowering teachers. Those who are willing to empower others are welcome to post a draft of their events. Because Meetup costs us we charge a nominal advertising fee.of $25 for up to a six week class. Payments to info@powertouplift.com will activate your draft posting. Drafts with no payment for 8 days will be deleted.

"This group has held a very tender space in my heart. I started this group because of a dream where my guides heard my sadness of coming back to Sacrament and having a missing or longing for my 'soul family'. They woke me up at 3 am and said 'start a meetup.' With that I jolted out of bed and found my laptop at my side. I started it to see my the email at the top of my inbox....(agasp) I found "start a meetup group on Spirituality, there are over 100 people just waiting for it" Now three years later it is over 900. I am so happy to continue to help people like me find friends, teach classe and connect with other amazing people in the area. The only unfortunate is that I moved about 2 hours away and don't get back enough.

While I'm so grateful as I've met some of my best friends and the most amazing souls!!!"

In Joy and With Love, Marcella


Your organizer, Marcella McMahon, is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Author and Success Coach. Marcella has been a spiritual seeker since youth; she loves dreams and has been studying them since she was 12 years old. McMahon specializes in Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Regression and has studied under Dr. Brian Weiss author of Many Lives Many Masters. She also teaches workshops on meditation, success, intuition and love.

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Clear Your Fear-Money Mindset & Magnetize Prosperity

Sharon's Home Office


Times of full moon are the most powerful to clear that which no longer serves you. That's why I have chosen this day for this important clearing. I am very excited to share this with you. Through years of study and experience, I have learned theories, lessons and techniques for understanding and clearing beliefs that create your monetary status. If you are in a state you would like to change, there is no time like the present (literally). Let’s illuminate what’s keeping you broke, stuck, in vows of poverty, cycles and patterns of a one-way money train, not being fully rewarded for your efforts, etc. Based on quantum theories, it is all about your frequency and conditioned beliefs. I know of more than 25 abundance blocks. Let’s key in to which ones are affecting you, and rid of them at your soul core level and replace them with beliefs that will attract that which you currently desire. We typically want what we don’t have - which makes us have it less. Find out how to word your work and do it right. We will also talk about gratitude and desire. Learn theories of prominent teachers, steps to transform, practices you can do at home, and hands-on clearings. Learn the importance of passion, intention, anticipation and letting go. If you translate the concepts into mathematical equations it’s as easy as 1 2 3. That’s 1 + 2 = 3. You got this! The last time I taught this class, I received an unexpected $100 five days in a row. What will you manifest? I ask that this class attract to it all who are to receive their soul-desired requests for the betterment of their purpose and the world they affect. In Creator's love, we offer this instruction in the potential of consciousness. Sharon Mahany, through her Insights to Truth Life Coaching business, offers classes and services in Reiki, energy therapy, sound healing, Human Design and dowsing as a wholistic approach to healing the soul through transforming beliefs into the highest expression of self love.

Getting to I AM – Human Design, Part 2: Understanding Undefined Centers

• Do you lose track of time, have a hard time keeping a schedule or letting go? Do you feel fearful, uncertain, unrecognized, or under pressure? • Do you feel overwhelmed by other people’s emotions or energies? • Is your energy sustainable or do you poop out quickly? • Do you feel like you don’t fit into mainstream society? Learn why these and other patterns may be a part of your design. Learn to love and accept these features about yourself and gain tips and techniques on how to adapt to society in ways that support the true you. As we learned in the introductory class, Projectors and Reflectors have a particularly tough time fitting into to today’s society. While some of us have come in with traits and skills that are preconditioned and supportive, others feel consciously aware of being bombarded by thoughts, feelings and energies of others. We may constantly find ourselves unsure of our own energy. We spend much of our time sorting things out: accepting or rejecting and building upon various energies, beliefs and feelings as we live our lives. This can seem like a fulfilling flow of vital and abundant energy or a struggle. Learn which centers of your Bodygraph are defined and undefined and how that can affect you. More importantly, learn strategies to move through these energies in comfortable and satisfying ways. The more open centers, the more influence you may feel from others and can benefit from understanding these as portals to happiness, as we explain their uniqueness and purpose in this world. We look forward to meeting your unique design!

Healing Circle Intuitive Readings -- Practice & Play

Needs a location


Have you been developing your intuitive skills, but would like a friendly, safe environment to practice them? No matter what your skill level, you are welcome to come and practice reading and being read. The purpose of our group is to support each other as we develop and hone our skills. We read as a group, then provide each other with kind and clear feedback. Participate as fully as you feel comfortable. :) We will ask for uplifting spiritual guidance and healing via Angel and Oracle Cards, Psychometry, Intuitive Guidance, Empathy, Channeling, Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Master teachers, Mediumship, Dowsing/pendulum... the modalities will be determined by the group's interests. Please leave a comment if you would like to practice something in particular. Looking forward to meeting you! Daria For more information please check out the My Empowered Self Meetup page: http://www.meetup.com/My-Empowered-Self-Meetup/ or our website: http://www.brightheartempowermentfoundation.org/my-empowered-self.html For additional inspiration, please see our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/myempoweredself?ref=hl

Healing Circle Intuitive Readings -- Practice & Play

My Empowered Self (Home Office)

•Would it help you to have a place to practice & improve your Intuitive abilities? A safe place where you can get feedback, validation and support? Then please join us as we practice our skills doing readings. Each meeting we will primarily focus on a type of reading (i.e. psychometry, channeling/mediumship, Intuitive messages, Oracle cards). Suggested mode will be listed in the Comments section. If there is something (object or photo) you particularly want to have read, please feel free to bring it or if you want messages about yourself...then just bring your shining self! Looking forward to seeing you soon! Daria ****** No matter what your skill level, you are welcome to join in and practice reading and being read. The purpose of this Meetup is to support each other as we develop and strengthen our skills. Our general format is that the group takes a few minutes to silently read one object/ person/ photo at a time. We then share whatever intuitive impressions we have received with the participant who brought the photo. The person who is read, then kindly provides feedback (validation) about the information they've received. It's very supportive for all, and is a fun way to practice developing new skills or expanding ones you are already using. We ask for uplifting spiritual guidance and healing using many Intuitive skills & senses, including but not limited to: Clairvoyance (sight), Clairaudience (sound), Clairsentience (empathy/emotions), Claircognizance (knowing), Clairtangency (touch/physical sensation), Clairalience (scents/smell), and Clairgustance (taste). Other resources such as oracle cards, pendulums, and Angel guides are often used to help Spirit to really get clear messages to participants. :) The Healing Circle is a very uplifting experience. Please come, stay awhile and share part of your journey with kind, like-minded friends! • What to bring Object or picture to be read. Optional: pen n paper, water bottle. • Important to know Cost: $12.00 For more information please check out the My Empowered Self Meetup page: http://www.meetup.com/My-Empowered-Self-Meetup/ or our website: http://www.brightheartempowermentfoundation.org/my-empowered-self.html For additional inspiration, please see our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/myempoweredself?ref=hl

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