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Offering a non-judgmental, loving atmosphere to explore your own spirituality and meet others who are taking this journey within. Sometimes it is difficult to grow without the help of others. Come bounce ideas off each other.

Our MeetUps are designed to explore topics related to spirituality, meditation, accessing your wisdom from within, the law of attraction, past life regression, dreams, books, staying in the present moment, success, overcoming obstacles, intuition and much more! Whether you are a conscious lightworker or new to spiritual seeking, you are welcome here.

We are here to help many empowering teachers. Those who are willing to empower others are welcome to post a draft of their events. Because Meetup costs us we charge a nominal advertising fee.of $25 for up to a six week class. Payments to info@powertouplift.com will activate your draft posting. Drafts with no payment for 8 days will be deleted.

"This group has held a very tender space in my heart. I started this group because of a dream where my guides heard my sadness of coming back to Sacrament and having a missing or longing for my 'soul family'. They woke me up at 3 am and said 'start a meetup.' With that I jolted out of bed and found my laptop at my side. I started it to see my the email at the top of my inbox....(agasp) I found "start a meetup group on Spirituality, there are over 100 people just waiting for it" Now three years later it is over 900. I am so happy to continue to help people like me find friends, teach classe and connect with other amazing people in the area. The only unfortunate is that I moved about 2 hours away and don't get back enough.

While I'm so grateful as I've met some of my best friends and the most amazing souls!!!"

In Joy and With Love, Marcella


Your organizer, Marcella McMahon, is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Author and Success Coach. Marcella has been a spiritual seeker since youth; she loves dreams and has been studying them since she was 12 years old. McMahon specializes in Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Regression and has studied under Dr. Brian Weiss author of Many Lives Many Masters. She also teaches workshops on meditation, success, intuition and love.

Upcoming events (4+)

Spiritual Alchemy Study Group - Create Your Life, Radiate your Soul's Gold

In this life-changing class, we read and discuss the concepts found in the book, "Saint Germain on Alchemy: Formulas for Self-Transformation." These amazing teachings of Ascended Master Saint Germain are the original blueprint for manifesting -- and they really work!

Participants try to put into practice the concepts of Alchemy in their daily lives. Through persistent and consistent work becoming more aware of our own thoughts and feelings, we become more proficient in creating the life of our conscious choosing.

Learning to direct and control the energies of Thoughts and Feelings are one KEY to becoming the Great alchemist that you already are. Every thought and feeling, conscious or unconscious is a request, a creation.

Sharing our experiences and discussing possible meanings adds to the richness of what we each glean from the complex concepts relayed in the book. Applying these teachings has proven to be life-changing for most participants.

Learn to expand your Power, Wisdom and LOVE, this book and our supportive group can help.

Join us and discover the Spiritual gold within you... <3

This Study Group is FREE, though love donations are accepted. :)
Please send via Venmo (@Daria-Hill-1) or Paypal ([masked])

I look forward to meeting you! See you soon,

My Empowered Self Meetup

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Intuitive Development Healing Circle -- Practice & Play

Online event


Would it help you to have a place to practice & improve your Intuitive abilities? A safe place where you can get feedback, validation and support? Then please join us as we practice our skills doing readings.

No matter what your skill level, you are welcome to join in and practice reading and being read. The purpose of this Meetup is to support each other as we develop and strengthen our skills.

We begin with a short discussion of some of the Intuitive skills & senses such as: Clairvoyance (sight), Clairaudience (sound), Clairsentience (empathy/emotions), Claircognizance (knowing), Clairtangency (touch/physical sensation), Clairalience (scents/smell), and Clairgustance (taste). Other resources such as oracle cards, pendulums, and Angel guides are often used to help Spirit to really get clear messages to participants. :)

Each meeting we will primarily focus on a type of reading (i.e. psychometry, channeling/mediumship, Intuitive messages, Oracle cards). Our general format is that the group takes a few minutes to silently read one object/ person/ photo at a time. We then share whatever intuitive impressions we have received with the participant who brought the photo.

The person who is read, then kindly provides feedback (validation) about the information they've received. It's very supportive for all, and is a fun way to practice developing new skills or expanding ones you are already using.

The Healing Circle is a very uplifting experience. Please come, stay a while and share part of your journey with kind, like-minded friends!
Looking forward to seeing you soon! Daria

• TO CONFIRM YOUR RSVP PLEASE, SUBMIT PAYMENT 24 HRS PRIOR to the start of the Meetup.** Class fee is: $15.00 minimum (tips appreciated!) Preferred method of payment is via Venmo (@Daria-Hill-1). Class fee is $16 (minimum) when using Paypal (add $1.00 to cover part of service fees). Email address is: [masked])

• Please have easy access to an object or picture to be read, and a pen and paper.

• If there is something (object or photo) you particularly want to have read, please feel free to bring it or if you want messages about yourself...then just bring your shining self!

• **Meeting may be canceled if minimum class complement is not confirmed. People who do not confirm their RSVP 24 hrs in advance will be moved to the "not going" column. Refunds or class of equal value is only offered if organizer cancels or changes date of Meetup.

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About Your Host:
Daria has been involved in spiritual development for over 40 years. Though she was not a 'born psychic,' she has experienced some miraculous healings. These and other events fueled her search to find the source of her healing and the answers to many other questions. She has shared the details of her story of moving, "From Fear to Assurance," in her book(s) of the same title. She is now an Intuitive Reiki Master, Past Life Regression Therapist, and Hypnotherapist. She also does Intuitive Readings and Channels messages from Spirit for people, animals, etc.

For more information please check out her website:
http://www.brightheartempowermentfoundation.org/my-empowered-self.html OR her Facebook page:


Find your VOICE in Toastmasters! Info, Q & A, & Links provided below

In many of my Reiki clients, I find energies diminished or blocked in the throat chakra. This chakra is the communication center of the body, all thoughts, all emotions, all communication flows through this center.

When emotions are unexpressed, tears unshed, and frustrations suppressed, the energies get stuck in the throat. When words or thoughts go unspoken, either because you can’t say them, or won’t say them, the unexpressed energies also get stuck in the throat center.

These trapped energies can eventually manifest as dis-ease. I kept silent from my childhood into my young adult life. Eventually, the gland in my throat stopped working. We are energy, and energy is meant to flow.

We are meant to express, meant to let our energies flow freely, meant to allow our souls to sing!

After I found myself in a challenging situation where I REALLY NEEDED TO SPEAK UP FOR MYSELF & COULDN’T, I knew that it was time for me to find my voice. It was time to change, and I knew who could help me.

Fortunately, I remembered a shy friend from my past who had had great success with Toastmasters clubs. They are a non-profit organization created to help anyone learn to improve their skills and ease one of our greatest fears -- public speaking. Your local Toastmasters club provides a safe and supportive environment, and the tools you need to learn to speak your truth, and let your voice be heard.

It is never too late to FIND YOUR VOICE!

But public speaking isn’t just about formal speeches. Being able to speak is important when you need to stand up for yourself, to share ideas, to talk to friends and family in difficult situations, to be able to speak coherently when an unexpected opportunity arrives, in addition to giving presentations at work and making toasts at events.

I joined Toastmasters last January, and have been making steady progress ever since. Our meetings have provided inspiring support throughout the pandemic; a real life-line.

Please pop in to ask me any questions you may have about Toastmasters. I will be available on Zoom from 6:30 to 6:50 p.m. on the 4th Tuesday of the month, or feel free to email me here on Meetup.

For all the info you need, please click on the links below for all the details about Toastmasters International at your convenience 24/7. There is most likely a club near you, at a time that works with your schedule.
Click the Find-A-Club link to find a club near you! :)

*** My club:
Skillbuilders Toastmasters Club, #7118, meets on Fridays at 7:30 a.m.
> https://skillbuilders.toastmastersclubs.org/
> https://www.facebook.com/skillbuilders7118/

*** Toastmasters International website:
> https://www.toastmasters.org/

*** Find a Toastmasters Club:
> https://www.toastmasters.org/find-a-club

*** Public Speaking Tips: > https://www.toastmasters.org/resources/public-speaking-tips

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Elevate Your Energy, Clear Energies, & Prevent Spirit-Attachments -- PART TWO

Part 2 of a TWO PART CLASS: PART ONE of this Class is REQUIRED prior to signing up for Part 2. Both Classes are offered monthly.

There are so many energies coming at us! They that can overwhelm us if we don't take a few minutes a day to use our tools and consciously choose to receive or repel that energy. Every moment we draw things to us, so be sure you're getting exactly what you want!

PLEASE JOIN ME, as we continue our TWO-PART Class! Share uplifting conversations in a loving, energized environment about the Spiritual beings who live in & around your space, and even in your energy field. Learn to live in peace & comfort in your space, & in your own skin.

In our first class we talked about energy sources and learned several techniques to create your own atmos-sphere of light around us & our space. We also learned how to stay connected & joyful, regardless of what’s going on in the outer world.

During BOTH classes You will Learn & Practice Ways to:
*Enhance your energy field, & clear your space so you can feel the support of Spirit anywhere you go.
*Ask Source for help, Who to Ask, What Spiritual helpers are available to support you, & receive verification that it's working
*Create Simple routines to keep your energy high and positive;
**EACH participant will receive/participate in an Intuitive Energy Reading to clear, cleanse, integrate & expand their energy field.

Additionally, IN CLASS TWO:
We will learn about:
* How to Connect to & Identify Spiritual visitors
* Non-humans: elementals such as elves, fairies, & others
* Dark energy, & little beasties and how to clear them
* Inter-dimensional beings
** We will practice expanding our energy & verify it through Intuitive Energy Reading, & other tools

IN CLASS ONE we already explored:
* Energies from family, friends, co-workers, & the world
* Spirit Attachments/Ghosts --helping the lost ones return to the light
* Energetic Cords -- safely clearing the ones that are unhealthful

*** Meetings take place in a SAFE, energy augmented, loving space***

** Class size is limited to 4 people to allow time for questions & individual energy readings/clearing.

HRS PRIOR to the start of the Meetup.**
Class fee is: $35.00 minimum (tips appreciated!)
Preferred method of payment is via Venmo (@Daria-Hill-1) -- OR --
Class fee is $37 (minimum) when using Paypal ($2.00 service fees).
Email address is: [masked])

• The Meetup may be canceled if the minimum class complement is not confirmed. Anyone who doesn't confirm their RSVP 24 hrs in advance will be moved to the "not going" column. Refunds or class of equal value will only be offered if organizer cancels or changes date of Meetup.

I look forward to seeing you there!

About the instructor: Daria is a strongly connected Channel of the light, with training & education in identifying Spirit attachments & other life-force energies (in addition to humans). She is a graduate of the Past-Life Regression Academy, is a Spiritual Regression Therapist, & certified in Between Lives Regression, Hypnosis, Advanced Energy Management, & Advanced Vibrational training. While clearing many of her past lives, Daria has learned to communicate and compassionately clear the beings mentioned above. :)

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