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Connecting to Your Higher Self (Weekly) - Savitri
This group is an evening of divine connection to your Higher Self through meditation and energy channelling. You are warmly welcome to attend this beautiful circle for peace, joy, transformation, love. Each week we will begin through gentle breathing, grounding and brief chanting. We will then move into a beautifully guided visualisation to connect with our Higher Selves for Guidance, Blessing and strengthening of connection. During this time I work with each individual to assist in unblocking, cleansing and activating chakras. This is followed by an individual energy channelling to raise one's vibration to amplify this connection. Our Higher Self is our Greater Self that we can access at any time, holding our divine plan, love, guidance that can greatly assist us on our journey. This is a space to reconnect with your divine higher presence. Our Experience • 6.45pm: Doors open (please arrive by 7.15pm when doors close) • 7.15pm : Connecting to your Higher Self: I will be moving around the group to work with Chakras and strengthen your connection to Universal energy ~ and your Higher Self. • 8.00pm: Spiritual Discussion • 8.30pm: Close

Healing Residence

18 Paddocks Close HA2 8NP · South Harrow


What we're about

Meditation, Discussion, Healings, Attunements, Activations

This group is for those who wish to experience high vibrational energy through healings, activations and meditations.

Are you seeking to bring Love into your Life?
Do you wish to connect to your Higher Self?
Do you want to feel Spirit more in your every day life?
Are you seeking to release blockages in your emotional system?
Are you interested in experiencing, feeling, Spiritual energy and developing your Intuitive abilities?
Are you seeking to connect to the New Energies that are now on this planet?

Held in South Harrow, North London, members will experience Meditations, Spiritual discussions, healing shares, activations to access one's Higher Self and develop a greater, clearer connection to Spirit.

This group is being led by Savitri Sriharan. Savitri has attuned over 700 practitioners in Usui Reiki since 2000. Over time, she has become aware of the rapidly changing energy state of herself, her practitioners and the world. The new paradigm of energy work has shown Savitri that we are capable of making changes to ourselves in minutes that would have previously taken months. She also works with the London College of Spirituality (

All proceeds from these events go towards Helping Hands for Underprivileged (, a children's charity which Savitri is also Chairperson of.

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