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What we’re about

Everyone in their 20s and 30s who are wanting to make lasting friendships! We do all sorts of things and are also always open for suggestions. Whether you are new in town or if you have been here your whole life this is a great opportunity to make new connections. Let’s get out there and explore!


  • Does it cost money to attend events for this group? It does not cost money to show up to our events. We do have events where the venue might charge money (e.g. laser tag, mini golf, etc). We also have plenty of events such as hiking and volunteering where there is no cost associated. We will always let you know in the event page if there is a venue fee.
  • What if I have never done an activity before? Most of our events are great for first timers, if you want to try something new. Read the event description to know what to bring, how to be prepared and to determine if the event is suitable for you to attend.
  • Why is there a donation option? Meetup charges reoccurring fees to the lead organizer for any meetup group. So we have a donation option to help offset those costs.
  • This is my first meetup. How do I find the group? Sometimes we may have a sign saying "Meetup". Most times it's just a random medium sized group just standing around waiting for the event to start. If we see someone who looks like they might be there for the meetup, we will ask, and you should too! We will also have descriptions in the event page on how/where to find us.
  • Do I need to RSVP? RSVP-ing gives the event host an idea on how many people to expect and who to look for. If you are unable to attend simply mark yourself as not going. If you respond "Going" to multiple events and then no show to multiple events the organizer has the right to remove you from the group.
  • Does the event start promptly at the time posted on the event page? It depends on the event. Paid venue events usually start promptly, but hikes and other free events will usually have a waiting period up to 15 minutes.
  • What is the vibe of the group? We are a mixed group of Spokane natives and transplants. This group doesn't focus on one or the other. If you are shy, seek out the event host to get you introduced to everyone at the event. Sometimes in the beginning of the meetup we will do an ice breaker. We also have regulars who are happy to interact with new members as well.
  • Does an event host always take pictures? Sometimes event hosts will take candid pictures at the event. These pictures will be uploaded to the Spokane 20s and 30s Social group or to the Spokane Social Meetup Instagram Page. If you see any pictures you are in that you do not want on the group page, please message the event host with the URLs of the images you would like removed.
  • What do I do about someone making me feel uncomfortable? Please let an organizer know right away if you encounter any issues with another member. If it is a serious matter, we may have to remove an individual from the group.
  • What are the difficulty levels of the physical activity meetups that you do? We do non-competitive events (seriously - they are super casual and for fun only). However some of our hikes can be pretty strenuous. The strenuous hikes will say so in the event description.
  • Is this a hookup group? No. The point of this group is to make friends. Sure, if you hit it off with someone else and you end up dating, then great, there are no rules against that. But please do not join the group with the intention of trying to hit on every person at the event. We have seen people try it before and it creates a very awkward atmosphere. And those people get booted out anyways.
  • What about Safety? This is a large group and meetup does not background check members. Recommend to use general principals of safety and caution when connecting with new people. Recommend to communicate through the meetup app until you have actually become friends with someone.
  • What about persons with criminal offenses? In order to protect the safety of meetup groups. Meetup has policys in place for persons with crimininal offenses that some members may be removed from the group if they have been convicted of a violent, fraudulent or dangerous crime or based on their criminal record. You can report any concerns to your event host if you have a concern.
  • What if I am outside of the 20s-30s age range? We don't care about age. It's just a generalized range that isn't hard-set. However you have to be over 18 for this group for legal reasons.