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What we’re about

NOTE: Please DO NOT USE This Group for SOLICITATION of ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES. ALL such posts will be DELETED and the members will be BLOCKED from the group.

The Spokane Area Psychedelic Society is a space where people interested in psychedelics as well as experienced psychonauts in the region can come together and discuss and share in psychedelic philosophies, music, art, literature, or anything else that pertains to culture.

This a community that is focused on healing and transformation. For encouraging and supporting the use of intentional psychedelic medicines for healing, spiritual growth, transformation. ALL ARE WELCOME.

We will also use this space for integration, which is ESSENTIAL for the success of healing with these medicines.

We support reciprocity for indigenous land and people, consciousness expansion, uplifting diverse voices, individual agency, cognitive liberty, ending the war on (people who use some) drugs, and abiding in our own spirituality and meaning-making.

*Do not join this group to find or provide illegal substances or connections.

*This psychedelic community and its partners do not participate in or endorse illegal activities.
*And really, we WILL NOT help you find drugs! Don’t ask, don’t imply, and don’t try to be cute.