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Enrich your active lifestyle with SPORTSKIND. We offer premier sports leagues and team experiences for young professionals to cultivate a well-balanced life through team sports, fitness and wellness.

SPORTSKIND was inspired by the experiences and passion of longtime rec sports teammates and their vision of creating better sports experiences, celebrating the competitive spirit, and developing a social community and culture around team sports. In 2018, we acquired ATX Sports & Adventures which had since 2011 been running the finest recreational sports leagues and tournaments - from Basketball to Kickball to Sand Volleyball to Flag Football to Softball – for adults in and around Austin.

Over the past two years, we've ventured into new sports and into new venues and new cities, we've added new features and benefits, and we've broadened into corporate and charitable offerings. We’ve made concerted efforts to continually move forward and upward, to continually make incremental progress in pursuit of better experiences for our members, better experiences for our staff and a more enriching community for all.

We have grown, reimagined and evolved into SPORTSKIND.

Much of what you know of ATX Sports & Adventures won't be changing - we remain committed to offering high-quality, authentic recreational sports experiences with premium shirts and equipment, experienced officials, and a professional and passionate staff. However, the progress we are making will be more than just a new name and a new logo - our new brand will be a fuller, more complete embodiment and expression of not only what we do, but how we do it, why we do it, and who we are.

Much like the terms "Mankind," "Womankind," and "Humankind," it is our hope and ambition that "SPORTSKIND" grows to mean and represent more than just recreational sports leagues and events, that it grows to mean and represent a broad community with a shared passion for team sports, to mean and represent a certain type of person, a certain disposition, a certain lifestyle that is inspired by and rooted in the competition, camaraderie, and community that characterize team sports.

Together we win!

You can check out and sign up for all of our events at www.atxsa.com (https://www.atxsa.com/)

***we post all of our events with the sign up deadline - not the actual start date of the event. This is to make sure everyone is aware of the sign up deadline before it is too late. All players must sign up on our website in order to participate. Send us a message if you have any questions: team@sportskind.com***

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Now Hiring Sports Officials!!

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Spring 2021 8 v 8 Men’s Soccer (Mondays)

Southeast Metropolitan Park

Coed Softball Leagues

Southeast Metropolitan Park

Spring 2021 8 v 8 Coed Soccer (Wednesdays)

Southeast Metropolitan Park