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What we’re about

I'll be scheduling several rides per year exclusively for 883 riders. Over time there will be opportunities for half, whole, and multi-day rides that should suit a range of experience levels. There will also be some opportunities for motorcycle camping so if you've never tried it this may be a good place to give it a shot.


The Sportster's direct lineage goes back to 1952 but it took five years for it to evolve from the "K bike" until in 1957 when the Sportster as we know it was introduced with an 883cc powerplant (this writer traces the Sporty's history all the way back to the 40's). Now, over 50 years later, the Sportster has the distinction of being the longest running continuously produced model of motorcycle in America. The Sportster 883 is the direct decedent of the original 1957 Sportster.



Ride safe, ride for life.