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Want to discover a new hobby meetup at Brooklyn? Here comes this new weekly board gaming event that you can join! We would like to form a group of board game enthusiasts who love playing games. We decided to meet every week to kill some time or to just RELAX!! Whether you're new to board gaming or you are a proficient gamer, all are welcome to join :)

Where are we going to meet?
A: We will be meeting at Squarrel Cafe in Brooklyn, right by Barclay's Center. Address: 572 Atlantic Ave Brooklyn, NY 11217.

How do I commute there?
A: Get off at the Atlantic Ave Station 2/3/4/5/B/D/N/Q/R stop. Or by bus with nearby stops: B63, B37, B67. Or even the LIRR station if you come from Long Island.

What do we do during this meetup?
A: Obviously, we play board games :) Sometimes we get to learn new games as well. So stay tuned!

Can I bring my own games?
A: Of course. You're more than welcome to bring your copies of the games that you would like to play. But there is a wide variety of games at Squarrel too.

Do I need to bring my own food?
A: Food and drinks are available for purchase at Squarrel.

Is there a cover charge?
A: Yup there is, but it's only $5 each time, and you get to spend quite some time there, so definitely worth the price!

*Notes: RSVPs are required.

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