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What we’re about

In Sri Sri Yoga, the techniques of Yoga are taught in a light, joyful and thorough manner – equally useful and suitable for different levels of Yoga students, from beginners to advanced.

Sri Sri Yoga beautifully combines all the following aspects –

  • Yoga Asanas/Postures – for the well-being of the body and mind (Hatha Yoga)
  • Pranayama – to awaken the kundalini & regulating the flow of prana (Kundalini Yoga)
  • Meditation – to nurture the mind and spirit (Raja Yoga)
  • Knowledge – practical wisdom to deal with the challenges of daily life (Gyan Yoga)
  • Satsang – singing and celebrating (Bhakti Yoga)
  • Seva – an opportunity to get involved in service projects (Karma Yoga)

Through powerful and enjoyable yoga process, you will come to contact with your body in a more intimate and profound manner. The process will take you through the unification of the mind, body and breath, you will experience deep relaxation and powerful recharge. You will acquire the key to yoga asana and settling of the mind, and will deepen your experience through practices and the guidance of the instructor.