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Are you looking to learn more about .NET, nodejs, java, Microsoft Technologies, Open Source, Cloud Computing .......... Then this is the group for you. We meet the second Wednesday of every month. Come join a group passionate about self improvement in technologies.

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Blazor Web Assembly w/ Isaac Levin

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# Running ASP.NET Core Apps without a server? WHAT???

Isaac Levin - AWS Software Developer Advocate
With the introduction of WebAssembly-based Blazor, .NET developers can now build solutions that can run on all sorts of new hosting platforms, even ones without servers. Building applications that can run nearly anywhere, all written in C# is an amazing experience for web developers, far and wide. Write code in the programming language you love, without having to learn the newest Javascript framework (though you can interop if you want to!) is the reason why Blazor is one of the most exciting things in the current .NET landscape.

In this session, we will go over the technology of Blazor WebAssembly and showcase deploying a .NET app that can run in places we never thought we could.

This meetup will be online. The zoom link will be posted in our Slack the night of the meetup.

Be sure to join us on Slack and be a part of the conversation! Follow this link to join us: http://bit.ly/SSDUG-Slack

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Capabilities-based Security

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