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Are you looking to learn more about .NET, nodejs, java, Microsoft Technologies, Open Source, Cloud Computing .......... Then this is the group for you. We meet the second Thursday of every month. Come join a group passionate about self improvement in technologies.

Github Repo: https://github.com/ssdug/

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Go & CLI

Online event

In this presentation I’ll show you how Go can be used to put together a feature rich, powerful, configuration based CLI Application. In doing so I’ll literally build out - i.e. live code - the application for everyone giving as a repo by the end of the talk, and working calls and configuration to use for your own examples that you would want to build!

There will also be guest appearances of other technologies of, but not limited to:

* GraphQL and Hasura API Server Tech.
* Cobra, Viper, & related GI Joe Golang Libraries.
* Azure - The cloud from ole’ Microsoft.

This meetup will be online. The zoom link will be posted in our Slack the night of the meetup.

Be sure to join us on Slack and be a part of the conversation! Follow this link to join us: http://bit.ly/SSDUG-Slack

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