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This is an introductory group for learning about coding for creating the full-stack technology for building web based applications, from the front-end code running in the browser, hosting it in the cloud, creating APIs that run on servers and connecting to databases.

The goal of these meetups is to get ready for a coding bootcamp or an apprenticeship program, either through Nexul Academy or a partner organization. Most content is beginner to apprentice level, and open to anyone.

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So you want to be a developer or maybe you're a startup that needs one. Learn what it means to be a full-stack or mobile app developer. We'll cover all the levels of the stack, such as the user interface, an API, a database, and lots of frameworks in between. You'll see the technologies involved, how they interact, and how to get started. This session includes a mentor guided workshop to practice Html, CSS, and JavaScript. Nexul Academy trains new developers and builds apprenticeship programs for companies that include developer mentoring, software architecture guidance and agile team guidance.

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Nexul Academy

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