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St. Louis Area Mountain Bikers (SLAMB) is a group of recreational mountain bikers of all ages and skill levels. We ride all of the singletrack in the area as well as trails in the surrounding regions and other states. We plan rides during the week and weekends, night rides, day trips and camping weekends. We also post bike shop events, races, GORC trail builds, and more - anything mtb related. Rides are scheduled year-round, even in the summer heat and in subfreezing temps, weather permitting and if trail conditions permit. Gravel routes are planned when singletrack is not rideable.

The group is made up of all skill levels including beginners who have just started to advanced riders who have years of experience and can handle anything technical and epic. The goal of the group is to simply bring people together who share the passion of the sport. Regardless of your skill level, you’ll find we have something for everyone!

Level 0 = This ride is tailored to someone that has not ridden their bike on anything but pavement. This is an instructional ride that can cover everything from shifting, braking, and equipment choice to trail etiquette and bike handling. After attending one or two of these rides, the new rider should be ready to advance to level 1 rides. There will not be many level 0 rides scheduled, since most members have advanced beyond this point. For this reason, if you are new and would like a level 0 ride, message the event hosts or post in the discussion section and someone will be happy to set something up.

Level 1 = This will be a slow paced ride with lots of regrouping stops. Don't expect much if any instruction. The people in the lead may ride faster than many of the participants, but they will stop frequently to regroup.

Level 2 = This will be an intermediate paced ride with far fewer stops than a level 1 ride. You will be expected to carry what you need in case of a mechanical issue.

Level 3 = An intermediate to fast paced ride with few stops. Possibly even a drop ride. You will be expected to be self sufficient.

Level 4 = Race pace. Every person for themselves.

Beginner trail = Very little elevation change. Mostly smooth dirt. Some small rocks and/or roots to deal with.
Intermediate trail = Good sized hills to climb and could have medium sized rock formations and root wads.
Advanced trail = Steep, loose climbs. Large rock formations.

So...... What are you waiting for? Read our terms and conditions below, sign up and get riding today. You know you want to!

Before joining this group, please read the following terms and conditions (https://www.meetup.com/St-Louis-Mountain-Bikers/about/). By joining, you agree to these terms and conditions.

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Lost Valley Night Ride (Drop Ride)

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Third Sunday Ride (North Trace Creek, Ozark Trail)

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