What we're about

This the new site for the St. Louis SQL Server (STLSSUG) and Business Intelligence (STLBIUG) user groups. The first incarnation of this group began in 2004.

Our Recordings are Posted at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM18n_v3EOP1KBlsCPRalSg/videos

Our Purpose
- To establish channels of communication and education for individuals working with the SQL Server Database Management System, Microsoft's Modern Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence tools.
- To conduct conferences, meetings, discussion groups, forums, panels, lectures and other programs which enable the exchange of information.
- To encourage the development of related SQL server and Azure Data Platform products, working methodologies and best practices. 
- To promote excellence in information processing through the recognition individuals, who judged by their peers, put forth the highest efforts and succeed in best utilizing these technologies within their enterprises.

Code of Conduct 
St. Louis SQL Server (STLSSUG) and Business Intelligence (STLBIUG) Meetup Group supports the diversity of our community. We strive to welcome different perspectives in a community where everyone feels respected and valued, and are committed to inclusion across race, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, ability, geography, religion, identity, and experience. Above all, we ask that all members be kind to one another and conduct themselves respectfully, creating a positive experience for everyone involved.
-  Conduct yourself with integrity, respect, honesty, and credibility.
- Approach all events and interactions in accordance with the highest ethical standards of professionalism and personal conduct.
- Embrace the diverse community of professionals and learners, and be inclusive of all audiences in your presentations, demonstrations, conversations, and comments.

Upcoming events (1)

SQL Server Indexing Strategies and Introduction to Columnstore Indexes

Daugherty Three City Place, 11th floor, Room: MPR2

SQL Server Indexing Strategies:
Proper indexing reduces costs, improves performance, and mitigates blocking and deadlocks. This presentation will review SQL Server index architecture and examine a strategy to optimize indexes supporting OLTP, reporting, and mixed workloads.

Introduction to Columnstore Indexes:
Columnstore indexes are a different paradigm compared to traditional b-tree indexes, often providing orders of magnitude performance improvement for large scans common in reporting/analytical workloads. This presentation reviews columnstore index concepts and operational considerations.

Dan Guzman is a database professional with over 30 years of experience in administration, development, and solution architect roles. Dan is active in the SQL Server community, answering questions in online forums (Microsoft Q&A, stckoverflow.com, dba.stackexchange.com), and speaking at events on Microsoft data platform topics.

Past events (24)

Power BI Workspace Notifications and Metadata

Daugherty Three City Place, 11th floor, Room: MPR2

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