What we're about

This the new site for the St. Louis SQL Server (STLSSUG) and Business Intelligence (STLBIUG) user groups. The first incarnation of this group began in 2004.

Our Recordings are Posted at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM18n_v3EOP1KBlsCPRalSg/videos

Our Purpose
- To establish channels of communication and education for individuals working with the SQL Server Database Management System, Microsoft's Modern Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence tools.
- To conduct conferences, meetings, discussion groups, forums, panels, lectures and other programs which enable the exchange of information.
- To encourage the development of related SQL server and Azure Data Platform products, working methodologies and best practices. 
- To promote excellence in information processing through the recognition individuals, who judged by their peers, put forth the highest efforts and succeed in best utilizing these technologies within their enterprises.

Code of Conduct 
St. Louis SQL Server (STLSSUG) and Business Intelligence (STLBIUG) Meetup Group supports the diversity of our community. We strive to welcome different perspectives in a community where everyone feels respected and valued, and are committed to inclusion across race, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, ability, geography, religion, identity, and experience. Above all, we ask that all members be kind to one another and conduct themselves respectfully, creating a positive experience for everyone involved.
-  Conduct yourself with integrity, respect, honesty, and credibility.
- Approach all events and interactions in accordance with the highest ethical standards of professionalism and personal conduct.
- Embrace the diverse community of professionals and learners, and be inclusive of all audiences in your presentations, demonstrations, conversations, and comments.

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Ditching the Post-Its: Automating Temporary Database Permissions

Needs a location

In Person Meeting - Come and join us at 5:30 pm for dinner sponsored by Daugherty Business Solutions

With the Principle of Least Privilege becoming more widely followed in the database security world, DBAs are focusing on granting permissions only on what people need when they need it. Sharon will describe her journey from Post-It notes on the monitor to developing an automated process to grant temporary permissions on a SQL Server instance. Her process handles server and database permissions, SQL or Windows authenticated permissions, roles and securables. The permissions are blown away at the expiration date and time with email reminders sent out ahead in case someone needs an extension. She is eager to hear how other people handle temporary permissions and is always looking for ways to improve her process.

Before the commencement of her reign as Security Czarina of NISA, Sharon Reid was a mild-mannered adjunct professor. Now she keeps constant vigil against individual permissions and missing certs, and defends NISA against the evils of granting ddl_admin in stage and almost anything in production. A constant force majeur for the powers of best practices, she is determined to make database security sexy, or at least practical and implemented

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