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What we’re about

Established in November 2020, The USS Windrunner is a Star Trek charity, cosplay fandom group based in Las Vegas, Nevada.
"...Boldly go venturing through the frontiers of fandom, charity and costuming."
We are the 1st Las Vegas chapter of Star Trek the Fleet, which is our parent organization. The Fleet is an international Star Trek fandom based in Southern California. As a member of the Fleet, the USS Windrunner looks to be an example of IDIC, Infinite Diversity, Infinite Combinations and humanitarian works in the Vegas Valley by being completely inclusive of members and by volunteering as well as preforming community service.
The Windrunner believes in community. It takes community to build community and will reach out and work with grass root organizations in Las Vegas such as The Just One Project, Vegas Roots Community Garden and the Atomic Testing Museum.
We are Star Trek the Next Experience

Upcoming events

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