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What we’re about

In person and Zoom events!

Join me for a powerful Stargate meditation to connect with the quantum field, your divine self, and higher vibrational energies and beings. Each meditation is a unique and individual experience

Meditating with the Stargate can move you into a deep meditative state within a few moments. Raise your vibration easily and effortlessly. Tap into the quantum energetic field. Bathe in the energy of your superconsciousness and higher vibrational beings and guides.

The more relaxed, available, and receptive you are, the more benefit you can receive from the energies that are coming to you.

There is nothing to do… relax, allow and feel. Be open to the possibility of having an experience.

Beginners welcome. New to the Stargate welcome. Everyone welcome. Teens, young adults, adults and seniors. Meditation is good for everyone.

ZOOM EVENTS: Please come prepared to be on video for a short moment at the beginning of the call. it helps for us all to connect together. Then we will turn off the video and go into meditation. Thank you.

Limited to eight people. Reservation required to keep the group small.
***** Bring water and your own blanket and/or pillow, whatever you need to be comfortable sitting or laying down.******

The more comfortable you are, the more receptive you are to the energies.

Donations welcome.
VENMO: @followyourblyss