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After years trying to find success in digital marketing, I discovered that the missing link was MINDSET. I decided to learn more and trained as a life coach with a specialism in goal setting. Now I mentor others, helping them in achieving success for their internet based business and with mindset. I have worked in affiliate marketing, YouTube, Social Media including Facebook Ads, eBay, Etsy, Google Ads and more.

I decided to start this group to help other people on their journey to success, without the years of work and research it took me.

It took me many years to achieve what I wanted, if I had been able to get the right help and guidance it would have been a lot quicker. In essence if only I knew then what I knew now!

No matter how hard I worked, I made no real progress, until I discovered the missing link to success was mindset. I decided to study it, becoming an accredited life coach with a specialism in goal setting and mindset. I now help others achieve success. Check out my Facebook page for daily tips and advice:


I started this group to help other people on their journey to success and financial freedom. I will be giving you access, always FREE of charge, to the people who have been my mentors, who have helped and guided me to the success I am today, people who are successful, people who can help you become successful too, whether you need product knowledge, motivation, mindset or want to learn the online money making strategies that really work.

The internet, especially in the aftermath of Covid-19, has become the number one marketplace, not just to buy items but for training. It is the number one source of information. Now is the time to take advantage and start your journey to financial freedom.

This group is for you if:
You want to know where to source services and/or products that really sell
You don't have an email list and want to make money through joint ventures
You want to make money from referrals or affiliate marketing
You want to make money through Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms
You want to generate more traffic
You want to build your own Online Store on eBay, Etsy or Shopify
You want to develop the mindset to succeed

Join me NOW on one of our online webinars and start your journey to success....

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Learn How To Create An Easy Income On LINKEDIN

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My good friend Paul Chuter is a leading expert in Linkedin and has been making a four figure sum through this untapped platform for years and is ready to share his knowledge how you can too -
Join Paul and find out how -

🚀 How to do this fast and easy with no previous experience or understanding. You will be kicking yourself at how easy this is!
🚀 How to get tons of free traffic from Linkedin whilst everyone else is burning holes in their wallets with facebook ads.
🚀 How you don’t need a fancy website or landing page.
🚀Without having to work 4-8 hours per day to make it work

This session is perfect for you if…

🚀You don’t like selling but want to find a way to make weekly profits
🚀You don’t want to build a website, market and sell products
🚀You’re time poor and want to do something that does not require much time
🚀You’re not particularly tech savvy, and want a strategy that can easily be implemented
🚀You want to do all of this without it costing you any money at all on premium linkedin accounts or advertising spend.

Want To Quick Start An E-Commerce Business With No Outlay?? Come & Learn How

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Join business mentor, coach and print-on-demand specialist Nigel Wymer on this informative presentation and learn the essential steps to setting up a successful print-on-demand business.
Maybe you want to start your own online business but don't have the money to buy stock or the space to store it. Or maybe you want a business you can run from your laptop while travelling? A business where you don't have to make anything, pack anything or ship anything. But a business than can replace your 9-5 income. Well, the answer is print-on-demand.
So, what is print-on-demand? How does it work?
Print-on-demand is the massively growing market that anyone can do, you don't need to be artistic or be able to draw, you just need to take action and follow the process Nigel explains.
As a challenge Nigel opened a brand new print-on-demand shop on Etsy selling just mugs. Within 18 weeks he had made over 600 sales and his shop was ranked in the top 8% of performing shops. In this session he will spill the beans on how you can do it too.
Print-on-demand is predicted to grow by 33% over the next 3 years with demand for personalized products predicted to grow at an even higher rate
It is probably the best online business model out there today - a genuine opportunity to start your own online business with no need for a website or social media or to drive traffic.
Nigel will explain how to set up your business for practically zero cost - you never see your items, do not have to buy stock until it is sold and you don't even have to pack or post anything.
It sounds too good to be true doesn't it?
Nigel has many years of experience with several highly successful shops and has earned six figure sums from selling on Etsy, his chosen marketplace for starting a POD business. He will explain why you should start your business on Etsy and not eBay or Amazon.

He has been making a living on the internet for over 15 years. He started online with an eBay shop in the early days which has expanded into several businesses.
He added Etsy to his portfolio of businesses several years ago and using his background in marketing, soon discovered the benefits of using Etsy to build successful businesses and more importantly how to grow and create a brand.
He specializes in print-on-demand because he believes it offers quicker results for a higher profit and less work than most traditional businesses.
He runs training courses on print-on-demand and Etsy.
He is a business mentor as well as a business coach for online entrepreneurs. He is a qualified life coach with a specialism in goal setting and a coach for Jay Hastings' Serious About Success program.
On the event he will tell you the secret to making money on Etsy.

He will discuss:
Why You Should start Selling print-on-demand on Etsy and not eBay, Shopify or Amazon
The benefits of print on demand (and there are lots!)
How to Use Etsy to Build Your Own Brand
Professional Shop Set-Up and Design
Simple SEO - no html Required!
Print on demand - from start to finish
PPC Advertising
Working Out Profit Margins
Plus - lots of other inside tips!

Places will be limited so register quickly!
Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from Nigel's talent and experience.
Register NOW

Learn How You Can Get A Successful Mindset For Business And Beyond

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Join us for an absolute packed 90 minutes online meetup learning the exact type of mindset successful digital entrepreneurs and successful people have in order to capitalise no matter what the current global financial situation and make millions in the process.

Over the years we have trained thousands of people helping them understand how to create great success online as a small business owner or start up entrepreneur however unfortunately not everybody goes on to become successful.

Now why is this? is it because the training isn't very good? or is it because some of us want success although really do not quite understand what it takes to really produce results and change your life for the better. We have had people go on to generate 6 and even 7 figure businesses so its not the training its who we are that we need to take a closer look into

So, how do you create a mindset for business success? This FREE 'How To Program Your Mind For Success' meetup, delivered by one of the UK's leading digital marketers Jay Hastings. We will teach you how to adopt the right mindset from his experience living in a squat to now closing millions in sales and commission

• You want to know what it really takes to create success online.
• You have taken lots of internet money making courses without success yet.
• You want to achieve the success you see other internet marketers having.
Register NOW and learn what it really takes to get started online and how the right mindset is essential to be a successful digital entrepreneur.

Learn How To Invest On The Stock Market With Experienced Trader

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Would you like to know how to invest in the stock market?
People worry about the risk involved in the stock market but historically stocks have been the most effective and least risky option, bar none, for investors. There has never been a more important time to find out how to make your money work for you.
Investing in stocks may sound complicated and only for the professional investor but with the right inside knowledge it a is actually very simple.
If you have never invested before or are thinking about getting back into the market - this event is a MUST!
Ultimately people invest in the stock market to make money and done correctly you can make on average 7-10% over the long term. To put that into perspective £10,000 invested now at an average growth of 7% would be worth £20,000 in 10 years - a lot better than you will achieve with a savings account!

You hear a lot about property investment but it ties up your money and there can be a lot of costs involved in maintenance and when you come to sell. Stocks on the other hand are quick, easy, and inexpensive to trade which is why they are often referred to as 'liquid assets'.
I am really pleased to have been able to get Jonathan to agree to do this presentation and am sure that you will get massive benefit from it. Register for the event today and start learning how you can make money by investing in stocks NOW!
Jonathan is your host for the event. His background really gives him the best of both worlds being a Chartered Accountant and somebody with over 45 years of investment experience in the stock market. He started investing at an early age and went on to train with some of the top investors in the world.
His enthusiasm for the subject is infectious and he loves nothing better than sharing his acquired knowledge, teaching people how to invest the correct way.

Places are limited and Jonathan's events have been known to be over-subscribed so register NOW before you miss out!

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Learn How To Create An Easy Income On LINKEDIN

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